Biden says he is ‘a black woman’: Holy Cow!

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Dhu al-Hijjah 29, 1445 2024-07-06

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Joe (I am a black woman) Klinger Biden

During a radio interview on July 4, US President Joe Biden said he is “proud” to be the “first black woman to serve with a black president”.

Holy cow!

Hitherto, there was speculation that he might be gay, albeit a closet gay but now he says he is a “woman”.

And not just any woman. He says he is a “black woman”!

Biden made this explosive “revelation” duing an interview with Philadelphia’s WURD radio station.

July 4 is celebrated as Independence Day in the US.

Was it his July 4 gift to the American people?

Or, is he trying to play Klinger of M*A*S*H sit-com fame of the 1970s?

Looking at their features, Biden has an uncanny resemblance to Klinger (Jamie Farr in real life) except for the age difference.

But who would play Major “Hot Lips” Houlihan?

Not to worry.

We have Melania Trump.

Look closely and you will discover she looks just like Hot Lips, especially the eyes and lips.

So, we have a 1970s sit-com coming back to life in 2024, thanks to Joe “I am a black woman” Biden.

He, sorry she, is clearly making history.

He/she/it is the first woman president of the US.

Hillary Clinton, eat your wicked heart out.

There is another first: a black woman as president!

The 81-year-old “black woman” president’s explosive admission raises several questions.

When did he have the sex change?

Further, when and where did he change his skin colour?

These lead to other questions.

Does the US Constitution allow a president to have sex-change while in office?

What about skin colour?

Would it not be interpreted as deception: presenting himself/herself one thing to the people and being something different in reality?

America’s legal minds must ponder over these vexing questions.

These will easily overshadow the Roe vs Wade debate over abortion rights.

While the legal experts exercise their minds, Crescent International sent its investigative team to Donald Trump’s camp to find out what they were thinking about Biden’s revelations of his real sex and skin colour.

Of course, our team went there disguised as Trump supporters.

They wore red hats with MAGA written in bold letters on it, and they acted stupid to really camouflage themselves.

This last was a hard act but they somehow managed.

This is what they found.

Trump’s advisors are telling him that he should marry Biden.

This will achieve several things.

First, this will prove that he is not opposed to old women.

Second, he will also convince black voters that he is not against them either.

This will easily secure him the presidency that the American establishment appears reluctant to hand him over, the second time.

Biden has made several gaffes in recent days and calls are growing for him/her to step aside from the presidential race.

The CNN-conducted presidential “debate” on June 28 between Biden and former president Donald Trump was a disaster.

Biden was incoherent while Trump was at his nasty best.

It was Biden’s age that clearly became the issue.

Biden wasn’t even sure where to go as he/she entered the stage.

His/her handlers must have emphasized that the nearest podium was where he should go.

Biden seemed lost as he/she stumbled onto the stage pointing toward the podium where he/she was to stand.

During the debate, Biden frequently lost his train of thought.

Not surprisingly, demands have grown for him to step aside.

It was however his July 4 radio interview that revealed how lost Biden is.

He mistakenly identified himself as Vice President Kamala Harris and confused his current political position with being former President Barack Obama's vice president.

These public gaffes are becoming more frequent.

On Wednesday (July 3), Biden gave an interview on a nationwide Black talk show, The Earl Ingram Show, where he gave incoherent answers to Ingram’s questions.

“You need someone, someone who is going to make sure that – the Supreme Court just issued a decision, by the way, that threatens the American principle that we have no kings in America. There’s no one above the law,” Biden said, referring to Trump’s recent immunity.

That was not the question he was asked.

It was about the importance of voting but Biden went on a tangent about the Supreme Court ruling that basically granted Trump immunity from prosecution if he violated the law.

When Democratic governors confronted him about his ability to beat Trump and perform his duties as president, Biden replied (as reported by the New York Times) that he needs more sleep and fewer work hours.

He added that no activities be scheduled for past 8 pm.

Global crises must wait for the next morning until Biden wakes up after a good night’s sleep.

America’s black woman president is leading the empire into oblivion!

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