Brussels terrorist attacks evoke universal condemnation

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Jumada' al-Akhirah 13, 1437 2016-03-22

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by Crescent International

The terrorist attacks in Brussels killed at least 34 people and injured hundreds of others. The attacks have been widely condemned. Beyond such condemnation, what is needed is to go to the root of the problem: alienation of Muslim youth because of rampant racism in Europe, and the terrorist producing factory called Saudi Arabia. If Western governments turn a blind eye to Saudi poisoning of the minds of Muslim youth, this problem will fester.

Tuesday March 22, 2016, 17:27 DST

The twin terrorist attacks in Brussels, the Belgian capital, have rightly evoked universal condemnation. Today’s attacks were carried out at two separate locations: the departure area for US flights from Zaventem Airport, and a metro station barely 200 metres from the headquarters of the European Commission.

The bombers were clearly sending a message: that they can strike in the heart of Europe and European security and intelligence agencies cannot stop them. The attacks were almost expected since they occurred only a few days after the capture of Saleh Abdeslam, one of those ivolved in the November 13 Paris attacks but escaped unhurt.

The British daily, the Independent, has a special take on the attacks. It suggested that the attacks may not have had anything to do with Abdeslam’s capture since, according to the daily, he was running away from the takfiri terrorists (ISIS/ISIL or Daesh) for months. It is known that Abdeslam told his interrogators that he did not go through the November 13 attack when he refused to blow his explosive vest.

Soon after the attack, Reuters reported that the takfiri terrorists have claimed responsibility. It has also been observed that the terrorists would take credit even if they have not carried out the attack. They are in the business of hogging publicity.

If Western countries are serious about addressing the menace of terrorism, then two things need to be done: one domestic, the other foreign. At the domestic front, they must address the issue of alienation of Muslim youth. There is rampant racism against Muslims in Europe; youth unemployment is very high. It simply will not do to condemn such terrorist attacks but do nothing about removing the sense of alienation felt by Muslim youth.

Second and equally serious is the fact that terrorist ideology can be traced straight to Saudi Arabia. As long as European and North American governments sell billions of dollar worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia without telling the Wahhabi criminals to stop poisoning the minds of Muslim youth, this problem will persist.

It is quite possible the Western governments want this phenomenon to continue since it enables them to sell more weapons to countries in the Middle East. Perhaps, terrorism is a handy tool to make money for merchants of death.

Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for such policy. Nobody should be surprised if more terrorist attacks occur in the heart of Europe. The price would be paid by innocent Muslims and now increasingly by non-Muslim citizens as well.


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