Bush’s pointless tour to meet his stooges in the Middle East

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Abu Dharr

Jumada' al-Ula' 27, 1429 2008-06-01

Guest Editorial

by Abu Dharr (Guest Editorial, Crescent International Vol. 37, No. 4, Jumada' al-Ula', 1429)

The self-inflicted wounds on American imperialism and Israeli zionism in Iraq and Afghanistan are easily seen. The public memory is blank to the commander-in-chief who claimed the “end of major combat operations” just a few months after initiating the war against Iraq in March 2003. The American economy is being swamped in a sinkhole called Iraq. The US dollar is losing its value in the heat of war. The troupe of politicians and publicists who went into this war were on every conceivable TV and radio programme, comforting public opinion about this war, but have now fled for cover. After five years, a trillion dollars later, more than four thousand American military personnel dead, forty thousand injured or handicapped, the verbal volleys of secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, chairman defense Policy Board Richard Perle, vice-president Dick Cheney, deputy secretary ofdefense Paul Wolfowitz, and US ambassador to the UN John Bolton are nothing but duds.

It has been five bloody years in Iraq, and there is no end in sight to the bloodshed. Let us tune into the assertions of officials of the American empire going into Iraq. All the following statements were made between July 2002 and February 2003; i.e., in the eight months preceding the invasion of Iraq.

Richard Perle said: “Support for Saddam, including within his military organization, will collapse after the first whiff of gunpowder.” What he did not explain is what opposition there will be for imperialism and zionism after the first whiff of that gunpowder. There is now a five-year record that speaks for itself. Vice-president Dick Cheney said: “After liberation [of Iraq] the streets of Basra and Baghdad are sure to erupt in joy.” The joy of getting rid of a dictator has turned into an implacable determination to get rid of the occupiers.

And then we have the unrestricted imagination of Kenneth Adelman, member of the Defense Policy Board, who said: “Desert Storm II will be a walk in the park.” And as this race for the absurd went on, we had Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) tell us: “If we [the Americans] come to Baghdad, Damascus and Tehran as liberators, we can expect overwhelming popular support.” Well, if so, then where is this overwhelming popular support?

Speaking with an all-time ingenuousness about the Muslim peoples of the area, neo-con Paul Wolfowitz said: “You’re going to find, and this is very important, you’re going to find Iraqis out cheering American troops.” And finally an intellectual half-breed, a fugitive from his ancestors and a nobody for his contemporaries, the professor of Middle East Studies at Johns Hopkins, Mr. Fouad Ajami. This darling of imperialist and zionist propaganda had this to say: “We [who is ‘we’ Mr. Ajami?] shall be greeted, I think, in Baghdad and Basra with kites and boom boxes.” This sort of wishful thinking has shown itself to be utterly off. The “kites” have turned out to be of the “go fly a kite” variety; and the “boom boxes” are a couple of letters off – they are bomb-boxes all over Iraq.

As these words made their way to the pages of Crescent, President Bush was winding down his tour of the Middle East and advising the Arabian kings and sheikhs to take a stand against Islamic Iran. The American invasion of Iraq was meant from the very start to besiege Iran and bring it to its knees. Now Iraq has become a triage-area for the zionist-led American armed forces. To be brutally blunt about Iraq under the current imperialist suzerainty, Iraq has become a failed state. There is effectively no government there. There are officials, who are strung together by the American occupation, who have no saywhatsoever in running the affairs of their own country. Even the American Green Zone is not secure. President Bush wants his Arabian puppets in Egypt, Jordan, the Gulf states and the Saudis to “contribute more” to the American war effort. The commander-in-chief of the two Abdullahs, of Mubarak and the princes of the Gulf Cooperation Council wants them to send troops to Iraq, wants them to open up diplomatic missions in Baghdad, and wants them to pay more to finance this never-ending war imposed by zionist interests on the Muslim peoples and the American people equally.

The American occupation of Iraq has not, in these five years, brought any relief to the zionists who are barricaded inside Israel. Also, Israel has not been able to win a battle or a war against the Islamic Resistance (and Hizbullah in particular). The lapdog government in Lebanon -- glued together by Saudi finances -- has lost ground in its attempts to curtail the communication network of Hizbullah. The Palestinian Islamic resistance is working far from the public eye, arming and training for the forthcoming war with Israel. The next installment in the saga of the Islamic Palestinian Resistance will be Bi’r al-Sab’ (Beersheba) after ‘Asqalan (Ashkelon).

The three political stooges George Bush, Ehud Olmert and Mahmud Abbas have run their course. George is an impeachable president, Ehud is under investigations that may cause him to resign, and Mahmud has nothing to show for his toeing the zionistand imperialist line. All three of them in the not so distant future will be replaced by others who will be forced to make hard decisions about al-Quds, the right of return, and justice for the Palestinian people.

The American people have no good choice to make: all three of the potential occupiers of the White House are zionist poodles in their own ways. The Jewish people will remain hostage to their zionist captors, and whoever replaces Ehud Olmert will most probably be a warmonger out to grind Palestinian flesh under the tracks of the Israeli war machine. And whoever replacesMahmud Abbas will be a temporary flunky who will find that developments and events have overcome him in favor of the Islamic momentum that is encircling Palestine from all blessed directions.

The neo-cons in the USA, the xenophobic zionists in Israel, and the incompetent Arabian rulers will take to their political graves the cardinal sin of having invested their lifetimes in a war of aggression and attrition against the Islamic state and the Islamic movement. It seems impossible to detect a living conscience in the fiber of these elites. This makes Islamic self-determination, Islamic resistance and Islamic liberation the only option left for the Ummah.

Abu Dharr

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