Canada now a safe haven for Mossad terrorists?

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Rabi' al-Thani 17, 1435 2014-02-17

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by Crescent International

A Mossad agent who was involved in the killing of Hamas leader Dr Mahmoud al-Mabhouth in Dubai in January 2010 has been given a new identity and Canadian passport, according to a story in the rightwing news agency, QMI. The Canadian government refuses to comment on the story. Opposition parties are also silent on this most serious issue. Are Mossad terrorists welcome in Canada?

Ottawa, Crescent-online
Monday February 17, 2014, 17:54 EST

Has Canada become a safe haven for Mossad terrorists? The Harper government claims it is opposed to terrorism and has even proposed changes to Canadian citizenship to take it away from people convicted of terror-related crimes in other countries.

Yet QMI, a rightwing news service with close links to Sun Media and Sun newspaper, reported that an Israeli Mossad agent who was involved in the assassination of Hamas leader Dr Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel in January 2010 has been granted Canadian citizenship.

The Mossad agent, whose identity was not revealed, received a new identity and passport, according to QMI news agency on February 15 quoting Arian Azarbar, a businessman. The Israeli paper, Haaretz and the Jewish news portal Ynewsnet, also carried the story the same day. There was scant coverage in Canadian news media outlets.

Similarly, Canadian parliamentarians decided to skip the issue with the opposition New Democrats as pro-zionist as the ruling Conservatives.

Azarbar told QMI Agency in an exclusive interview that he learned about the top secret operation from Trina Kennedy, a senior national security investigator at Passport Canada. Azarbar had a yearlong relationship with Ms Kennedy. She divulged the information after the two had been out drinking.

The Canadian government claims it knows nothing about the operation. Azarbar has called this a “big lie.” He says he gave the name and address of the Mossad spy to QMI but the news agency refused to publish it claiming this would endanger his life.

Alexis Pavelich, a spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander (responsible for Passport Canada), did not respond to questions about Azarbar's allegations.

The minister, however, has ordered an internal inquiry and Kennedy has been relieved of her duties and denied access to all federal computers after Azarbar’s allegations surfaced.

Given Canada’s tight relations with the Zionist regime, the allegations come as no surprise. In September 1997, two Mossad agents sprayed a poison chemical into the year of Hamas leader Meshaal Khalid in Amman, Jordan. The two Mossad agents were captured by Meshaal’s bodyguards and handed over to Jordanian authorities.

They had used fake Canadian passports to enter Jordan. Then Jordanian monarch, King Hussain was so furious that he threatened to prosecute the two Mossad agents unless Israel provided the anti-dote to the poison.

Under the deal, Israel provided the antidote and the two agents were let go. Two years later, Hussain was dead of cancer. Was he injected with something by the zionists to cause his sudden death? After revealing the identity of the Mossad killer agent, Azarbar's life may also be in danger. He would be well advised to seek protection.

Canada merely slapped Israel on the wrist for the passport fiasco.

Ottawa’s tight relation with the zionist regime is putting at risks Canadian citizens traveling abroad. The Harper regime has already said it would not go to bat for any Canadian arrested abroad, unless of course he/she happens to be white and is arrested by Mexico for drug smuggling.


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