Historical prophet-killers strike again: assassinate Hamas commander in Dubai

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Gamal Moheddin

Rabi' al-Awwal 15, 1431 2010-03-01

News & Analysis

by Gamal Moheddin (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 39, No. 1, Rabi' al-Awwal, 1431)

Israeli Mossad agents were involved in the January 20 assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, Hamas’s top military commander, who was visiting Dubai. Al-Mabhouh was assassinated in Al-Bostan Rotana Hotel. Dubai police released photos of 11 people, six of them carrying British passports, three Irish passports, one German and one French that were involved in the assassination. All had used disguises such as wigs, beards or glasses to enter Dubai. A woman was among the murder team. The six Britons whose identities were used are all Jewish and currently live in Israel.

A report published in the British newspaper, Times Online (February 20), said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had personally authorized the assassination in early January. According to the Times, Netanyahu had met Mossad chief Meir Dagan in early January at the spy agency’s headquarters and given the go-ahead. It was further reported that Mossad had received intelligence that al-Mabhouh, who had lived in Damascus since 1989, was planning a trip to Dubai. Hamas has vowed to avenge the assassination of its top commander; it has also accused two members of the Fatah group of providing intelligence to the Zionists. While staying short of accusing Fatah itself of colluding in the assassination of Al-Mabhouh, Hamas made clear who from Fatah ranks were involved.

Fatah has had a close relationship with the Zionists. In June 2007, when Fatah was driven out from Gaza following its failed attempt to stage a US-instigated and supported coup, Hamas discovered numerous documents pointing to close intelligence collaboration between Fatah and the Israeli spy agency Mossad. Mohammad Dahlan, the Fatah spy chief, is known to have very tight relations with Mossad as well as the American CIA.

Dubai’s extensive system of CCTV cameras captured the assassins on film as they stalked al-Mabhouh in his hotel, in one instance riding in the same elevator with him. One video shot showed Mossad killers following al-Mabhouh as he was ushered to his room by a hotel employee. The Zionists reportedly used lock opening equipment and an electric shock drill to assassinate al-Mabhouh. An autopsy report carried out by a French laboratory confirmed that he had died of electric shock to the brain. After completing their murderous mission, the Mossad team left Dubai before al-Mabhouh’s body was discovered in his room.

Interpol has issued “red notices” for the 11 suspects to help find and arrest them anywhere in its 188 member countries. Dubai police has also threatened to arrest Netanyahu, if it determined that Mossad was behind the assassination while Dubai police chief said on February 20 that he was “99 percent sure” that it was the work of Mossad. Dubai as well as the larger Abu Dhabi are beginning to establish links with the Zionist State. From January 13–19, David Landau, Israel’s minister for Zionist settlements, was in Abu Dhabi attending a conference on renewable energy.

In an effort to cast doubt on collusion between Britain and other European governments in the Zionist crime, the British rightwing daily, The Telegraph wrote on February 20 that “the six British citizens whose identities were stolen and used by the killers all had their passports taken away from them briefly during routine checks at the [Tel Aviv] airport.” The paper went on to report that the passport numbers and names were used but Mossad agents used their own photos to create “fake” passports.

Whenever the Israelis use European, or in some instances Canadian passports, there is a standard routine to make some diplomatic noise to assuage local public anger. Thereafter, the relationship returns to normal. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband held talks with the Israeli ambassador to London, Ron Prosor, on February 18 after the use of British passports came to light. Britain did not recall its ambassador from Tel Aviv, something that would be considered normal procedure in such circumstances.

Israeli Mossad agents have frequently used other countries’ passports to carry out gruesome acts of murder and crimes against humanity. In September 1997, two Mossad agents had entered Jordan using Canadian passports. They tried to assassinate Khaled Mesh‘al, head of Hamas’ Political Bureau by spraying poison into his ear. Mesh‘al’s bodyguards chased the two agents and caught them. They were handed over to Jordanian police. The attempted assassination created a major embarrassment for King Husain who, realizing that his deep links with the Zionists would explode into the open, made a deal with Netanyahu, who was Israel’s prime minister at that time as well. In return for providing antidote to the poison to save Mesh‘al’s life, the two Mossad agents would be released. King Husain was able to hush up the matter.

And what did Canada do at the time? It simply recalled its ambassador for consultation but Canada-Israel relations have since deepened. Today, it would be virtually impossible to distinguish between Canadian and Israeli policies on many issues. Netanyahu, the war criminal, has been officially invited to Canada on numerous occasions. Besides, the current minority Conservative government is using wedge politics to divide Canadians. It appeals to its own narrow rightwing base by targeting Arabs and Muslims and presenting them as “terrorists” or “potential terrorists”, much to the delight of the Zionist lobby in Canada. The Zionist lobby has not remained inactive either; it has recruited a few opportunist Muslims to spout venom against Islam and Muslims. These so-called Muslims are given time on television and column space in Zionist-owned newspapers to propagate their nonsensical views. If you can get someone with a Muslim name to spread hatred against Muslims, it is so much better than doing it yourself. The Muslim Brown Sahibs are alive and kicking, thanks to crumbs thrown at them by the Zionists.

The Zionists have a long history of crimes. On June 13, 1980, a leading Egyptian nuclear scientist, Dr.Yehia El-Mashad was assassinated in a Paris hotel. On April 16, 1988, Khalil Wazir (Abu Jihad), deputy head of Fatah organization was assassinated in Tunis. On March 20, 1990, Canadian ballistics scientist Gerald Bull was killed in Brussels. Dr. Bull was developing a super gun for Iraq that would have had the capability to strike Israel. On October 26, 1995, Dr. Fathi Shiqaqi, head of Islamic Jihad in Palestine, was assassinated in Malta as he returned from a trip to Libya. And as recently as February 12, 2008, Imad Mugniyah, a leading Hizbullah commander, was assassinated in Damascus. Hizbullah leader, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah said after Mughniyah’s assassination that Israel could not have carried out the attack without assistance from an Arab regime.

It is well known that assassinations are authorized personally by Israel’s prime minister. This would put Netanyahu’s name on the international arrest warrant list. Can we expect Netanyahu’s arrest if he were to travel to some European or North American country? This is virtually impossible despite clear evidence of his implication in the assassination of al-Mabhouh. Given the deep collusion between Israel and most European and North American governments, they will protect each other’s war criminals. For the same reason, former US president George Bush, despite a gory record of mass murders and crimes against humanity, will never be brought to justice.

What this indicates is that despite talking about the rule of law and upholding international conventions, Western governments are the first to violate them. They are used only to bully other countries and force them to tailor their policies to advance the West’s agenda but Western governments contemptuously dismiss such laws themselves. This might be one reason why an increasing number of people are taking the law into their own hands to settle scores.

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