Death of terrorist leader in Syria causes grief among imperialists, zionists and their puppets

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Rabi' al-Awwal 15, 1437 2015-12-27

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by Crescent International

The killing of the terrorist leader Zahran Alloush has caused panic among other terrorists. The Russian and Syrian air force planes are coming after them. There is also much grief among the imperialists, Zionists and their Arabian puppets. Who was Alloush? Read and find out.

Beirut, Crescent-online
Sunday December 27, 2015, 11.19 EST

Imperialists, Zionists and their regional puppets are in mourning since a leading terrorist leader Zahran Alloush was killed in an air strike on the night of Friday December 25. When news of Alloush’s death broke out there was jubilation in Damascus and grief among terrorists and their foreign sponsors. The terrorist’s death was immediately proclaimed a blow to peace efforts. Really? The tribal-owned Al Jazeera was in the forefront of this campaign of distortion. Alloush was leader of the Jaysh al-Islam group.

"They killed a man who was going to play a crucial role in Syria," Ahmad Tumah, the designated opposition prime minister, was quoted by Al Jazeera. The Qatari regime’s mouthpiece did not bother to ask Tumah how Alloush was so important to peace efforts. Further, if Tumah is the designated prime minister of the opposition, how could Alloush be so important?

Who was Alloush and what did he stand for? He was the commander of Jaysh al-Islam, a major component of the Islamic Front, of which he was the military chief, and was described as one of the most powerful persons in rebel-held Syria. Alloush called for the cleansing of all Alawites and Shiites in Damascus. His father, Abdullah Alloush is a Wahhabi preacher who lives in the medieval kingdom of ‘Saudi’ Arabia. The terrorist leader also studied in Madinah University and suckled at the breast of Wahhabism that he put into practice in Syria by chopping heads and spreading hatred against those that he disagreed with.

This is what this so-called man of peace said about Shias and Alawites. “The Shias are still despicable and pitiful throughout history.” His diatribe went on:

“And I give you the news, oh Filthy Rafidis (referring to Shias): Just as Banu Umayya crushed your heads in the Past, the people of Ghouta & Shaam will crush them soon, They will make you taste a painful torment in this world, before Allah makes you taste it in the Hereafter, Oh you unclean Rafidis! You will collide into what you've never expected of Power from the Mujahideen of Islam."

For the record, the Banu Umayya destroyed the Khilafah. They fought against the Prophet of Allah (saws) for many years until it became impossible for them to do so and then they entered the fold of Islam at the time of the liberation of Makkah in 8 AH. It was the Banu Umayya that waged war against Imam Ali, the fourth Khalifah of the Muslims, creating sedition in the Ummah. His son, Yazid, a drunkard and womanizer, was then imposed on the Muslims by force. It was Yazid who was responsible for the martyrdom of Imam Husain (ra), the Prophet’s grandson.

The terrorists in Syria admire such people from Islamic history and want to emulate their example. May Allah save the Muslim Ummah from such “peacemakers” and “leaders”.

But the question is: does Al Jazeera not know who Alloush was to be calling him an important leader for peace?


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