Disgusting Arabian Rulers

Developing Just Leadership

Bashir Ahmed

Muharram 02, 1441 2019-09-01

Letters To The Editor

by Bashir Ahmed (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 7, Muharram, 1441)

At a time when fascist India is suffocating the people of Kashmir to death, Arabian rulers are falling over one another to honor the mass murderer Narendra Modi. We know these rulers are no friends of Muslims but why the display of such subservience at this time? If they wanted to lick the boots of a filthy Hindu fascist, the Arabian rulers could have chosen a different time. But no, they had to do it now for a very specific reason: they wanted to send a clear signal that they do not care for Muslims. They worship money, and now, even man-made Hindu idols that they have installed in their statelets. We are back to the days of jahiliyah in the Arabian Peninsula.

It is also revealing how the people of Pakistan and the ruling elite have finally woken up to the true nature of these rulers and their brazen display of surrender to a Hindu fascist. If this can now help them to formulate policies based on ground realities, it will be a blessing. For too long the official mantra has been that the Arabians are our allies and we will stand by them just as they have stood by us. When these rulers felt threatened, they asked Pakistan to rescue them. Is it not time to withdraw whatever forces Pakistan has in these countries. Let them get Hindu soldiers to defend them. After all, they are now bosom pals.

Bashir Ahmed
Chicago, IL, US

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