Egypt: Will another series of mass uprisings erupt?

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Safar 07, 1442 2020-09-24

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Several days of demonstrations against General Abdel Fattal Al-Sisi’s despotic rule in Egypt may prove a harbinger for another series of mass regional Islamic Awakening (Arab Spring) uprisings.

According to the Washington-based, “ the protests took place in response to a call from Spain-based Egyptian contractor Mohamed Ali, who has been a thorn in the government’s side…Security forces deployed in vital areas across the country ahead of the September 20-21 demonstrations and closed all cafes in the vicinity of the capital, Cairo, and surrounded main squares. The forces arrested citizens and searched them and their phones in violation of the law and the constitution, observers said. A human rights lawyer told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity that the security forces have embarked on a new pattern of arrests by deploying security personnel among demonstrators to photograph them and subsequently arrest them at their homes.”

The protests are taking place despite years of extremely brutal crackdowns by al-Sisi’s regime.

While Sisi is backed by NATO powers, the protests indicate that Egyptian society is not subdued and is likely to fight back.

What it lacks is clear Islamic leadership.

The protests are nudged by Mohamed Ali, a real estate contractor living in exile in Spain.

Without political administrative resources, the protests are still growing indicating the level of discontent.

If a competent, God-conscious, courageous leader emerges in Egypt, the masses would undoubtedly follow.

The latest wave of protests also reflects the reality that Islamic political paradigm occupies prime place in Egyptian society.

As reported by the middleeastmonitor, the primary slogan of the courageous Egyptian protestors is “Sisi is the enemy of God.”

This slogan annuls the decades of secularization projects initiated in Egypt as far back as 1916 by Evelyn Baring (aka Lord Cromer) and peddled today by Western-backed “activists.”

The Sisi regime is sustained in power through the political and military support of the US and EU, along with financial backing from Saudi Arabia.

All three are in decline. The US is on the verge of a civil war; Saudis are going bankrupt and the EU is distracted by its own internal squabbles.

Taking these factors into account and Turkey’s strong support for the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Sisi’s regime is likely to experience some serious turbulence and may even lead to its collapse.

With most Ikhwan leaders in jail and many facing the death sentence, who will replace Sisi is the big question.

If the situation deteriorates further, perhaps another US-Israeli-backed general might step in.

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