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Ramadan 11, 1442 2021-04-23

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by Crescent International

As NATO regimes slowly come to terms with the failure to achieve their goals in Syria through a proxy war, Syrian refugees are once again being used as political pawns.

Ever since the Western regimes actively assisted in turning some Syrians’ dissatisfaction into a full-scale proxy war, refugees from Syria have been used as a public relations tool.

Turkey and Lebanon host the largest number of Syrian refugees.

Yet through carefully choreographed media imagery, many European Union regimes have managed to present themselves as the “humanitarian saviors” of the Syrian people.

By 24/7 projection on television screens the arrival of Syrian refugees in Europe, the EU tried to cultivate its image as the party committed to “peace” in Syria.

At the same time, many EU regimes were arming terrorist militias in Syria.

In light of the above, Denmark’s recent decision to compel some Syrian refugees to return home will further aggravate the migrant and refugee issue in Europe.

The Qatari regime’s TV channel, Al Jazeera, reported that “Denmark is facing growing criticism for a decision last year to revoke residence permits for Syrian refugees, citing a ‘safe’ situation around Damascus, but the country is sticking to its position. The tough Danish stance is a new sign of the country now having one of Europe’s most restrictive migration policies… 189 Syrians have already had their residence permits revoked since the summer of 2020 after Copenhagen decided to re-examine the cases of around 500 Syrians from Damascus.”

Without any additional friction, immigration and asylum are already very contested political and social issues in Europe.

Immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers are political footballs for parties in Europe unwilling to take responsibility for their own failed policies and incompetence.

Yes, many EU regimes do practice partial clemency towards non-European refugees and asylum seekers.

However, this is often due to economic reasoning, as the EU’s declining population needs more people, especially to maintain its generous pension system.

EU policy-makers are aware that their meddling in the Muslim world on the side of regressive and autocratic regimes is creating more chaos and problems.

They are also fully aware that their policies in the Muslim world are contributing to people fleeing the chaotic situations.

The Western-backed regional players are willing participants in creating such chaos, as was the case in Syria.

Thus, if EU citizens want to have fewer immigrants and refugees in their countries, they should vote out the regimes whose neo-colonial policies are contributing to the influx of refugees.

The EU regimes cannot have it both ways: create the chaos forcing people to flee and then refuse to live with the consequences.

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