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Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Rabi' al-Thani 04, 1441 2019-12-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 10, Rabi' al-Thani, 1441)

When earthquakes occur from time to time in the Islamic Republic of Iran, some hypersensitive individuals entertain the idea that a seismic wave may have been set off by the US and Israel. Saudi Arabia is not added to the list because any kindergarten student knows the Saudi regime does not have the technology to trigger any type of natural disaster. Far-removed from “natural disasters” are social eruptions: demonstrations, protest rallies, sit-ins, etc… Lo and behold, though, last month, riots, disturbances, and unrest flared up in different regions of the Islamic Republic. And, queuing up to overstate and make a mountain out of a molehill were the Zio-Amero-Euro mainstream media. They and their higher-ups in the Zionist-imperialist situation room were championing the causes of the Iranian masses! Their 40-year bloated obsession has been to topple the legitimately elected Islamic government in Tehran. Their anti-Islamic propaganda never fails to point out the “success” of Zionist-inspired American sanctions against Iran.

God forbid there are sharp-edged observers who can point out that what is happening in the Islamic Republic fits into a larger picture of what is happening in neighboring Iraq and also in Lebanon, and for that matter in Syria too. A more expanded vision of global affairs, and we realize that the world’s continents have exploded with popular protests and street demonstrations. In Europe we have the Yellow Vest protests that have been agitating for more than a year. In Latin America we have the people in Chile coming out against their rulers and expressing their objection to that country’s recent economic measures. Bolivia has become an arena of conflict between two conflicting trends — one economic and the other tribal. In Asia, Hong Kong has been in the news for many weeks now with what is called pro-democracy forces waging a form of sometimes violent disobedience against a mainland China-tilting administration.

Europe, in general, is incubating a generation of neo-racists from the Scandinavian north to the Mediterranean south. This neo-racist breed flares up against Muslims, minorities, and migrants at least a few times every month now, in one country or another throughout Europe.

The United States itself is beginning to show symptoms of coming apart along racist lines and class divisions. The neoconservative Zionists have managed to stretch the US’ socio-economy to its breaking point. The dual citizens and the dual-loyalists who appear to be America first one day and Israel first the next day are wrecking the US and ruining Israel simultaneously. And they have recruited for their chaos cause Evangelical Christians (probably about 80 million), the upper financial class of bankers, investors, and billion-dollar financiers; of course, along with the myriad Zionist and pro-Zionist Jewish lobbies, pressure groups, and alliances.

So, what do we have when we begin to put together the pieces of this global disturbance? What we actually have is a tug of war between a pro-Zionist array of ruling classes from America to Australia — all of them either taking direct orders from Tel Aviv or incapable or unwilling to speak honest truth to Zio-American power. And on the other side we have masses of people who can no longer live with economic, social, and military structures that have grinded their lives into poverty and adversity.

The only combination of people and their ruling class that has been consistent and uncompromising in their conflict with the Zionist colonizers of the Holy Land has been the Islamic people and the Islamic authority in Iran. For that sole reason the Islamic Republic has been subjected to Zionist inspired boycotts, American sponsored sanctions and an almost combined Euro-American divestment regime.

The Muslims in Iran and the Muslims in the world should know by now that an Islamic governance in Iran is the target of a wide range of very influential interest groups and massive militaries because it refuses to have the Palestinians (Muslims and Christians) deprived of their God-given and secularly sanctioned rights.

This is not the time to put down such a courageous and consistent Islamic direction emanating from the Islamic Republic. Sure, there have been faults, and sure there may be even more faults to come by some administrators in Tehran and even in Qum — they are not infallible. But such minor-league faults should not blind us to the generational march of the human will to liberate Palestine for all Muslims, Christians, and Jews from the barbarism of Zionism and the violence of a nuclear Israel.

In the minds of some political analysts, the two major driving forces against the Zionist usurpers of the Holy Land were/are ‘Abd al-Nasir’s Egypt (in the 1950s and 1960s) and Imam Khomeini’s Iran (in the past 40 years). We don’t necessarily agree with this characterization. Nevertheless, Nasir’s Egypt struggled against Israel without being able to win a popular Islamic base for its political campaigns and military encounters with the Israeli colonialists. The failure of Nasir’s Egypt to mobilize the Islamic depth of the masses resulted in Sadat’s Egypt, which we know capitulated and surrendered to Israel and its American enabler. The Egyptian people void of an Islamic leadership laid down their arms and entered into a frigid peace arrangement with the Zionists. The Islamic leadership and movement in Egypt were also immature in as far as they entered into an avoidable confrontation with their rulers. In the minds of some members of that movement, Nasir’s Egypt was using the Palestinian issue for purposes of propaganda and survival — a very bad depiction of the realities and facts on the ground, at that time, indeed.

These same members (survivors of the 1950s and 1960s) because of their political naiveté have not, up to this very day, learned their lessons. Bearing mention here is a passing reminder to them of the late Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazali, who was one of them, and the non-confrontational manner with which he conducted himself during those trying times. And then over 20 years ago, before Shaykh al-Ghazali death, he was honored and even celebrated by those who during the 1950s and 1960s harshly and unkindly disagreed with him.

The Islamic leadership in the Islamic Republic has had to weather its own nationalists (unlike Nasir’s Egypt). It had to curtail the influence of its own sectarians (even though they have gradually made inroads into the government). It had to do all this within an imperialist dominated international world order and it has survived all types of warfare against it.

Imam Khamenei is ‘Abd al-Nasir in as far as leading the Muslims against the Zionist colonialists and he is Sayyid Qutb in leading the Muslims out of their indolence and ignorance. Unlike ‘Abd al-Nasir, Imam Khamanei is not a nationalist. Nasir’s Egypt had “Islamic movement” individuals sprinkled into its governmental offices and positions as a matter of “selling” its public image and legitimacy. Islamic Iran has nationalist and sectarian individuals sprinkled into its governmental offices and positions as a matter of deterring a potential nationalistic or sectarian backlash. Islamic Iran is causing the mighty pro-Israeli American empire to feel in its bones the angel of death. The worldwide demonstrations in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Muslim East (Iran included) are manifestations of a world that is living through the last stages of capitalist control and racist regulations.

Historically, in retrospect, was it worth it: Salah al-Dinal-Ayyubi before liberating the Holy Land from the Crusaders had to de-Shi‘ize official Egypt (he dismantled the Fatimi dynasty] to be able, in his military mind, to liberate Palestine.

Currently, with further thought, is it worth it: Imam Khamanei before liberating the Holy Land from the Zionists will have to Shi‘ize official Syria (replacing secular Ba‘thists with Islamic movement administrators), in the military sense of the word, to be able to liberate Palestine. Something to think over and think about…

He it is who has strengthened you [O Muhammad] with His support, and by giving you committed followers whose hearts He has brought together: [for], if you [O Muhammad] had spent all that is on earth, you could not have brought their hearts together [by yourself] — but Allah did bring them together, Indeed, He is almighty, wise (8:62–63).

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