Gaza: the contemporary Karbala

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Safar 19, 1437 2009-12-01

Editor's Desk

by Editor (Editor's Desk, Crescent International Vol. 38, No. 10, Safar, 1437)

Muslims worldwide have just commemorated the tragic events of Karbala when more than 1,300 years ago Imam Husain, his family and a small group of committed Muslims were massacred by the army of Yazid. That Imam Husain and his companions stood up for haqq while the Yazidi army represented everything reprehensible in Islam is understood and appreciated by virtually all Muslims.

What is less understood and appreciated are the striking parallels between the tragedy of Karbala and the present-day plight of Palestinians, especially in Gaza. For Muslims, it should have been easier to make the connection. After all, the Palestinians in Gaza are besieged by Zionist invaders; the siege has continued for years. The Zionists also have the backing of the US and virtually the entire Western world, including many so-called Muslim rulers.

As in Karbala, so in Gaza, Muslims have been virtually abandoned by the rest of the Ummah. In fact, regimes surrounding Palestine that are ruled by so-called Muslim rulers have become willing accomplices in tormenting Muslims. We are witnessing the first anniversary of the Zionist attack on Gaza yet the siege, the killing, and oppression continue. Palestinians cannot even rebuild the homes that were destroyed by Israeli bombings, much less their shattered lives.

It is important for Muslims to make the connection and understand the lessons of history otherwise they will be condemned to repeat them.

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