Israel’s diabolical genetic weapons target Arabs

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Iqbal Siddiqui

Shawwal 04, 1418 1998-12-01

Occupied Arab World

by Iqbal Siddiqui (Occupied Arab World, Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 19, Shawwal, 1418)

Israeli scientists are working on a genetically-targeted biological weapon which would kill Arabs without affecting other peoples, the Sunday Times of London revealed on November 15. The reports are based on information gathered in Israel, London, America and South Africa, and given credibility by the Sunday Times’ record of monitoring Israeli intelligence affairs, including its publication of nuclear secrets revealed by former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu in 1986.

The genetic weapons research program is reportedly based at the Institute for Biological Research in Nes Tziyona, outside Tel Aviv. It is known to be Israel’s main research facility for ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and home to Israel’s illegal and secret arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.

The proposed new weapon is based on recent western advances in genetics, including the animal and human ‘cloning’ programs, and would work by identifying genes exclusively carried by Arabs or certain kinds of Arabs. Special viruses designed to attack people carrying these genes could then be spread in Arab countries by spraying in the air or by infecting public water supplies.

Israel has, of course, denied the reports, as it continues to officially deny having any nuclear weapons, even though it is now widely acknowledged, even by its western allies, that it has a standing nuclear capability of at least 200 warheads.

It is interesting to note that the Israeli research program is similar to research carried out in South Africa during the apartheid period, to develop genetic weapons which could target blacks without affecting whites. Details of this research emerged during the recent Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings in South Africa. The apartheid regime also had an advanced chemical weapons program, which it developed in co-operation with the US, Britain, Canada, Japan and Germany (see Muslimedia Archives: World: "West colluded with apartheid regime in biological weapons" - October 16-31, 1998), and is known to have worked closely with Israel in various military and defence areas.

Direct co-operation between the US and Israel in the development of chemical weapons was revealed on October 1 this year, when Israel was forced to admit that an El-Al cargo aircraft which crashed in Amsterdam in October 1992 was carrying ingredients for chemical weapons, being sent from Solkatronic Chemicals Inc, a Morrisville, Pennsylvania company in the US to the Nes Tziyona research centre. The ingradient, Dimethyl methylphosphonate, is used in making the deadly poison gas, Sarin.

The genetic weapons research program is built on scientific advances in genetics, in which US and British scientists lead the field. It is unlikely that Israel would be able to work in this area without privileged access to the latest work being done in the US and Britain. Nor, indeed, are western powers likely to permit Israel to develop weapons capabilities they do not already have themselves.

This suspicion is reinforced by the total lack of western response to the Sunday Times revelations. The Israeli work breaches numerous international laws and agreements, but has not even been raised in the United Nations or any other international forum. This is in sharp contrast to the treatment of Iraq, allegedly for its development of weapons of mass destruction, and of Pakistan following its nuclear tests earlier this year. The lesson that there is one international law for the west, and another for the rest - which some Muslims seem stubbornly reluctant to grasp - is inescapable.

So too should be the awareness that the west represents a totally amoral civilization, if not an inherently evil one, with which Muslims and the Islamic movement cannot deal on any terms.

Muslimedia: December 1-15, 1998

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