Israeli strategic bankruptcy exposed vis-à-vis Islamic Iran

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Shawwal 16, 1444 2023-05-06

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Over the past two weeks, apartheid Israel has been flaunting its “grand” policies on how it aims to weaken Islamic Iran.

The widely publicized policies, however, have merely ended up exposing Israel’s complete bankruptcy of its strategy.

On April 17, the indicted fraudster-cum-prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and his Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel met Reza Pahlavi in Tel Aviv.

The US-financed Pahlavi, “Shah little”, is the son of the despised former American puppet, Reza Shah who had to flee Iran amid a mass uprising against his dictatorial rule.

Once ousted from power, the former Shah became so toxic that even his American masters would not grant him asylum in their own country.

American puppets in the world, please take note.

Uncle Sam will ditch you when you have outlived your usefulness.

His son, living mostly out of Los Angeles and financed and protected by the US, has zero support inside Iran.

He goes around sucking up to anti-Iran fascists, like the illegal squatters, the zionist occupiers of Palestine.

Not surprisingly, the pro-Israel media marketed his meeting with Israeli war-criminals as a strategic event.

Even though basic facts about Pahlavi reveal that the meeting cannot pass even as a successful PR stunt.

Reza Pahlavi fled Tehran at the age of 18 after his family’s despotic rule was ended by the people of Iran in January-February 1979 through a popular Islamic revolution.

Any individual who has been absent from a country for decades and still considers himself a potential ruler clearly suffers from serious narcissism as well as mental problems.

But for a state system, which apartheid Israel claims to be, to bet on a Pahlavi-like figure is outright stupidity and reflects lack of any strategic thinking.

Monarchy is an obsolete political project in Iran.

Those pitching for its return to Islamic Iran simply expose their total detachment from ground realities.

Brookings Institute, a US think-tank that promotes a US-centric global order, pointed out in 2016 that “there is no serious monarchist movement in Iran itself.”

A few days after Pahlavi’s visit to the illegitimate entity, apartheid Israel’s knesset requested that Tel Aviv should support a separatist movement in Islamic Iran’s south Azerbaijan province.

The Knesset request also exposed Israel’s complete lack of strategy and any understanding of Islamic Iran.

Iran’s history and its current Islamic establishment reveal that Azeris are probably the most integrated and best accommodated ethnic group in the Iranian system.

They constitute the core of Islamic Iran’s constituency at all state levels.

Ethnic Azeri leadership of Iran includes leaders like Shah Ismail Khatai, Shaheed Mustafa Chamran, Rahim Safavi, Ayatullah Jafar Sobhani and the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

The latest zionist presentation of its so-called strategy against Islamic Iran, therefore, exposes the fact that the settler-colonial entity has no real strategy at all.

It is simply clutching at straws by reacting to Islamic Iran’s growing influence in the region in a haphazard manner.

In geopolitics, like in war, if you do not plan, you fail.

It seems this is exactly what zionist Israel is doing.

The latest Israeli public stunts will likely result in Iran increasing its pressure on the apartheid regime through Syria, Gaza and Lebanon.

Tehran is now able to see through Israel’s faulty game plan and act accordingly.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Tehran is glad to see that its enemies are made up of fools who are stuck in the past which has no future!

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