Jordan: The US-British-Zionist Colony

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Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Shawwal 22, 1445 2024-05-01

News & Analysis

by Yusuf Dhia-Allah (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 54, No. 3, Shawwal, 1445)

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Two-bit player Jordan was an active participant in thwarting Islamic Iran’s drone and missile strikes on the zionist entity on April 13-14. Jordanian air force planes were used, together with American, British and French planes, in shooting down Iranian drones before they reached Israeli air space.

Why was the putative ruler of Jordan so keen to defend zionist Israel when a majority of the kingdom’s population, nearly 60%, is of Palestinian origin? There is immense sympathy for Palestinians in Jordan who are suffering a barbaric zionist onslaught.

There have been massive demonstrations in Amman, Jordan against Israeli aggression and the ongoing genocide of Palestinians. The regime has been trying to contain the people’s anger by doing a delicate balancing act but its brazen involvement on the side of the genocidal zionists has once against exposed it as a US-zionist puppet.

Pip-squeak Jordan will pay a price. Like zionist Israel, Jordan too is an artificial entity. It was created by parceling out Palestinian land and planting this artificial entity there. The remainder of the land was given to illegal Jewish squatters who flooded the holy land from East and West Europe.

The ruling family in Jordan is alien to the land regardless of their claims to being a ‘monarchy’ and belonging to the Prophet’s family. It is an insult to the honour of the Prophet (pbuh) for these traitors to claim such lineage. Their true role was exposed by US president Joe Biden when he crowed about Jordanian help in thwarting Iranian drone and missile strikes on April 13/14. Jordan thus became a participant in the war against Islamic Iran.

The British installed this family of traitors as part of their colonial intrigue in West Asia. These murderous thugs have continued to serve British interests, and now American and zionist interests as well in the region. Slavery is not only a physical phenomenon but also a mental state.

The current ruler of Jordan, Abdullah II is the son of the late King Hussein from his British-born wife, Toni Avril Gardiner. She changed her name to Muna al-Hussein but the marriage did not last long. Married in May 1961, the tiny Jordanian king (he was barely five feet tall) divorced her in 1972. In the 11-year period, they had four children, Abdullah-II being the oldest.

In late 1998, King Hussein was diagnosed with cancer and went to the US for chemotherapy treatment. It did not work. He was pronounced dead on February 7, 1999. Prior to his death, he performed a final despicable act. He rushed back to Amman in January 1999 and dismissed his younger brother Hassan as crown prince and appointed his son, Abdullah-II to replace him.

To understand the treachery of Abdullah-II, one only has to glance at the record of his father. Avi Shlaim, the Israeli writer and author, writes in his 2009 book, Lion of Jordan: The life of King Hussein in War and Peace (pp.159-196) that Israeli politician Golda Meir who later became the prime minister, was reported in 1958 as saying: “We all pray three times a day for King Hussein’s safety and success.”

In the June 1967 war, the Jordanian army abandoned Jerusalem and Masjid al Aqsa to the invading Israeli army without firing a single shot in its defence. The West Bank was similarly abandoned where the Palestinians continue to suffer incessant brutal zionist occupation.

King Hussein’s treachery was further exposed when he secretly visited Israel between September 10 and October 6, 1973 to tip then Israeli prime minister Golda Meir that Syria and Egypt were about to attack Israel (P.R. Kumaraswamy: Revisiting the Yom Kippur War. p.14). In their arrogance, the zionists did not take the threat seriously!

Hussein’s treachery did not end there. On April 11, 1987, after the neo-Nazi Yitzhak Shamir became prime minister of Israel, Hussein engaged in direct talks with Shamir’s foreign minister, Peres, in London. The Israeli writer Shlaim tells us that Peres and Hussein reached an agreement on establishing an international peace conference that would lead to formal ties between the two countries. Despite agreeing to surrender, Hussein was kicked in the teeth when Shamir rejected the proposal out of hand.

Hussein’s slave mentality was on full display over another episode. On March 13, 1987, a Jordanian soldier patrolling the borders between Jordan and Israel in the north near the Island of Peace, killed seven Israeli schoolgirls and wounded six others. Hussein, who was on an official visit to Spain, immediately rushed home. He travelled to the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh to offer his condolences to the grieving families of the Israeli children killed.

How did he convey his condolences? He went on his knees in front of the families—yes you read that correctly. He told them that the incident was “a crime that is a shame for all of us. I feel as if I have lost a child of my own. If there is any purpose in life it will be to make sure that all the children no longer suffer the way our generation did.”

Not surprisingly, his gesture was received “warmly” in Israel. They love to see goyim grovel before them. The Israeli families were a little more considerate than the ass-like stubbornness displayed by Shamir or Netanyahu. Hussein sent the families $1 million as compensation for loss of life.

The soldier was determined to be mentally unstable by a Jordanian military tribunal but was still sentenced to 20 years in prison, which he served in its entirety. How can a mentally unstable individual be convicted of a crime? How many mentally-deranged Israelis, or even sane ones, who have murdered Palestinian babies, women and the elderly been sentenced to prison? They have killed Palestinians by the tens of thousands?

So, when we consider what Abdullah-II did vis-à-vis attacking Iran to defend Israel, it should not come as a surprise. Treachery runs in their blood and subservience to the zionists and American imperialists is their primary purpose for existence. If they fail to lick the zionists’ boots, they will no longer be allowed to sit on their shaky throne.

Commenting on Jordan’s dilemma, Tahani Mustafa, a senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, a Belgium-based think tank, said:

“I don’t think they’ll have much choice than to go wherever the tide takes them.” He went on: “It’s ultimately not up to them.” He was referring to Jordan signing a 2021 defense agreement that essentially gives the American military free use of its land and airspace.

Slaves must do what their masters tell them to do. It becomes complicated when there is not one but multiple slave masters, like one woman being married to multiple husbands at the same time!

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