Killing wedding party guests adds to Saudi war crimes in Yemen

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Dhu al-Hijjah 15, 1436 2015-09-29

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by Crescent International

The Najdi Bedouins ruling the Arabian Peninsula have demonstrated their total disregard for human life. They are attacking civilians in their homes, hospitals and now even wedding receptions. In the latest strike on a wedding reception in the village of Wahijah near the Red Sea town of Mocha, at least 131 people, most of them women and children, were killed. The UN has confirmed the death toll.

New York,

Tuesday September 29, 2015, 09:47 DST

Nothing is safe in Yemen from the murderous attacks of Saudi forces and its so-called allies: hospitals, homes, water bottling plant, electricity grids and ancient monuments.

In the latest missile strike on a wedding party in a village near Mocha, a town north west of Aden located on the Red Sea coast at least 131 people were killed on Monday (September 28) night. Both the United Nations and local medics have confirmed the missile strikes and the death toll. Most of the casualties are women and children. This is what the Saudis do best: kill women and children.

Since the Saudis launched their murderous attack on Yemen on March 26, more than 5,500 people have been killed. The overwhelming majority of the dead are women and children.

In the latest attack, Saudi missiles struck two tents in Wahijah village where a Houthi resistance fighter was celebrating his wedding. Showing artificial balance, the UN condemned “the disregard shown by all sides for human life” in Yemen. Is there any evidence of Ansarallah fighters (linked to the Houthis) attacking any civilian areas in Saudi Arabia much less wedding parties? There is only one side in the war on Yemen that has the planes: the Saudi regime and its allies. The Ansarallah fighters do not have planes to bomb villages or tents.

While a spokesman for the so-called coalition denied carrying out the Monday night missile strike, residents of the village of Wahijah said missiles fired by coalition warplanes tore into two tents at the wedding reception.

What kind of a ‘president’ would ask a foreign government to bomb his own people because he is their leader?

The fugitive former Yemeni president Abdu Rabb Mansour Hadi’s forces confirmed to the Associated Press that there had been an air strike and a senior ‘government official’ said it had been “a mistake”. Hadi who had fled to Saudi Arabia sneaked into Aden earlier this month to set up his ‘government’. He hides from the people that he claims to represent. The fighting is done by the Saudi regime that is killing Yemenis on behalf of Hadi.

What kind of a ‘president’ would ask a foreign government to bomb his own people because he is their leader? Attacking and killing innocent people at a wedding party is a new low for the Saudi regime. Dominated by Najdi Bedouins, they must be put on trial for war crimes.


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