Macron’s attack on Islam reflects a deep inferiority complex

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Safar 20, 1442 2020-10-07

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

At a superficial level, President Emmanuel Macron’s statement identifying Islam as a threat to France means that Muslims in Europe will experience even more Islamophobia, vilification and ghettoization.

Nevertheless, there are far more important ramifications of his ignorant statement.

His crude allegations against Islam and plans to introduce a legal and political framework to further constrain Muslims in France will lead to the weakening of NATO regimes’ standing in the Muslim world.

The West’s secular proxies will also experience greater difficulty in advancing their agenda in the Muslim world.

Organizations that are camouflaged as NGOs will not be able to hold their moral and intellectual ground when Muslim governments like those in Iran, Turkey or Malaysia restrict propagation of anti-Islamic dogmas in Muslim societies, in a similar fashion to what Macron is doing to Muslim organizations in France.

Also, his accusation against Muslims of separatism while they struggle to adhere to an Islamic lifestyle in a militantly secular France reflects the deep-seated moral, social and political crises in Western societies.

Coupled with arrogance, the insecurities expressed by Macron will also likely emerge among other NATO regimes as a multipolar order replaces the West-centric world.

Macron knows that the crisis in the Muslim world he referred to in order to discredit Islam is the direct result of NATO meddling.

It is not Islamic movements that invaded Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, or set up the Guantanamo Bay torture camp or installed corrupt authoritarian regimes such as those in Egypt, Jordan or the UAE.

It is Western regimes that are responsible for such criminal conduct and mayhem.

Thus, Macron’s statement that Islam is in ‘crisis’ means something quite different.

Consciously or subconsciously, Macron realizes that Islamic movements in different parts of the world will survive the unraveling of the Western centric global order and assert their rightful position.

He is frustrated because the multiple invasions of Muslim lands and spending billions to discredit Islam and undermine it as a guiding road map to resolve global problems, have not produced the desired results.

From Europe to Indonesia, Muslims continue to follow the Islamic paradigm to solve their communal, municipal, financial and geopolitical problems.

This reflects the great resilience and confidence of a people who have experienced a well-financed and well-organized War of Terror since 2001.

This is precisely why Dr. Kalim Siddiqui often pointed out that Islam’s regenerative power will reassert itself.

Macron’s statement simply confirms this reality even if a militant secularist heading an equally secular regime has expressed it in a crude and insulting manner.

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