Man Builds the House, Woman Makes the Home

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Safar 24, 1443 2021-10-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 8, Safar, 1443)

Has anyone taken notice of the unraveling of events in Afghanistan? Some call it the military defeat of the “sole superpower” by a disparate Taliban. For others it is a strategic reset by the “sole superpower” to its approach of combating Islamic self-determination. The “sole superpower” is working out its policies through its clients in the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf. These obsequious regimes are showing their true faces more and more now as they are playing the role of “Islamic legitimizers” for Zionist maneuvers and imperialist methods.

The overall reconfiguration of policies is coordinated between Tel Aviv and Washington. Doha, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh are acting as middle men. The imperialist-Zionist effort is to sneak back into Afghanistan via their “Islamic connections” through whatever is left of their constant clients’ and reliable royals’ acceptability among the small-minded Muslims in what is no longer a Muhammadi Arabia.

This turn of events will, among other things, focus Muslim public attention on sectarian, tribal, ethnic, and gender issues. The combined mental might of this A to Z (America to Zion) policy will include their Arabian capitulationist patrons to pull out of “hadith” literature those “hadiths” that serve their troublesome goals. One issue that they will be working on is the issue of inequality between men and women in Afghanistan. So let us preempt their nefarious scheme and speak to the issue of women within an Islamic society; and I don’t mean an Islamic society defined by Orientalists or “Arabists”.

Let’s take a line of attack first by saying that an Islamic family and an Islamic society is proud of the fact that a mother is a mother and a wife is a wife; in the same manner that a father is a father and a husband is a husband—nothing like the Euro-American family and society where a mother is becoming a father and a wife is becoming a husband—physically and literally.

We Muslims, when we are true to our fine faith and pleasing philosophy, are averse to households that are void of housewives who are the love and life of the nucleus family. Only when a mother is a bonding and binding mom will there be a strong family unit. Anyone or anything that dislocates a mother and wife from her centripetal family position becomes suspect and suspicious—even criminal and sinful when bearing in mind the evil elites who are in charge of this gender-bender strategy.

Likewise, Muslims in their Qur’anic and Prophetic state of mind are opposed to any policies or plans that would terminate a female’s life in the womb as they are equally opposed to any policies or plans that would terminate a female’s social contribution when she is in the prime of her life – when she is growing up to become an active God-ordained member of society.

The first thing that crosses our minds is: how can we honor our Muslim women in their essential role in the family while we honor them in their creditable role in society? To begin with we should agree that any disrespect or contempt of femaleness is a crime. Any society or system that induces or forces women into public life to become playgirls or pleasure-seeking women at the whim and call of macho men is a scandalous society or a senseless system.

Any sound understanding of Allah’s deen rejects any culture or way of life that detains women or severely confines their God-given freedom within their God-defined family and society. Our mothers, sisters, and daughters have all the rights and responsibilities that our fathers, brothers, and sons have. Likewise, any sound understanding of Allah’s deen rejects any culture or way of life that depreciates women’s honor and exposes them to the market forces of machismo mores and male manipulation. Allah’s society on earth does not permit muscle flexes or sex instincts to run wild…

It is possible for a woman to uphold her responsibilities at home and to contribute to society beyond her home correspondingly. In both cases there has to be firm guarantees that secure the future of the family within an ambiance that is aware of Allah’s authority presence in both family and society.

There is nothing in the Good Book that says that women cannot become teachers – much less that girls cannot go to school! We can have an Islamic society that has millions of teachers and doctors who are equally divided between men and women as long as there are Islamic principles and values that permeate both family and society. No one should expect an Islamic society in which Muslim women are walking around in public places with mini-skirts and eye catching, sex arousing makeup and cosmetics… A moral Islamic society does not tolerate a Hollywood definition of the role of the sexes. Let it be known that an Islamic society is not a voluptuous society. An Islamic society does not have the financial-military complex that produces prostitution or harbors harlotry.

On the other hand, an Islamic society does not asphyxiate a woman’s life by wrapping her up from head to toe as if to dehumanize or degrade her—in some cases reducing her to a family bondmaid or a societal serf.

It all begins in the family unit. Any person with common sense—let alone Muslims—should be bothered if he/she is leaving their children to be raised and cared for by maids (female servants) or left in the care of nurseries.

There is nothing, and I repeat nothing, that can substitute for the hugs and kisses, the cuddles and embraces of a mother. The warmth of her body, the temperateness of her passion penetrates deep into her little ones and goes a long way into their psychological development and mental maturity.

Every effort should be exhausted to protect this mother-to-sibling attachment. This would not be a problem had it not been for the re-definition of femininity by the Hollywood-Wall Street-Pentagon nexus.

Readers of Crescent International know many virtuous mothers who are very successful school principals. And there are many outstanding women doctors who are a badge of honor to their families and professions and the reason for that is that they understand their Islam from its sources and not from laissez-faire or neurotic Muslims.

Yahud are not our trendsetters and never should they be, but should we remind you, if a reminder is needed, that the defeat of the patriarchal “Muslim” armies by the Zionist creature that humiliated the Arabian rulers who don their “Islamic dress” and may even grow their beards and trim their mustaches according to the “Sunnah” during what they call the six-day war was accomplished when the Zionists had a woman prime minister (Golda Meier).

The Imperialist Christians are not our pacesetters either, and never should they be, but should we bring to your attention that many Christian nuns and married sisters served their missionary callings beyond the call of duty.

How many dedicated women doctors and medical personnel stayed with the Palestinians in the tents, under gun-fire, and during times of war—some of them were forced to eat dead animals to survive the brutality of war. All of that was done because of their convictions for the oppressed and their dedication to social justice. In this context Rachel Corrie comes to mind. When the war against the Palestinians stopped, these staunch supporters of the Palestinians would take the injured to clinics and hospitals—even as far away as Europe.

Can anyone equate the sacrifices of these non-Muslim women who are out in the field, in distant lands for the sake of caring for orphans, widows, refugees, and the disabled with Muslim women who are capable of doing the same thing long after their priority motherhood duties?

Now a little history is in order. Were there not Muslim women in the Prophet’s generation who had to endure banishment and exile with nerve and courage? Were there not Muslim women who accommodated other Muslim families in al-Madinah selflessly and supportively? Did we not have Muslim women during the time our Prophet (pbuh) was in al-Madinah who went back and forth to the Prophet’s Masjid for many years? And when there was a military need, they volunteered and did their military service? They were not at the front lines of the military conflict but they were there in supportive roles: medical, transport, logistics, etc…

The status of women in the Islamic geography throughout the last several centuries has deteriorated. Generally speaking, Muslim women have been condemned to illiteracy and a position that falls short of achieving usual or expected results.

When you read and understand the Qur’an and the Prophet (pbuh) and then you watch and observe Muslim women nowadays you cannot but conclude that the meanings of the Qur’an concerning women’s rank and prestige have, for practical purposes, been dismissed. You can detect this when it comes to women’s inheritance rights or when it comes to a woman’s decision to marry or not marry who she wants.

There are many divorces taking place. And out of tens of thousands you may find a couple of divorce settlements that acknowledge the husband’s financial responsibilities towards his ex-wife when the ayat in the Qur’an says:

And the divorced women, too, shall have [a right to] allowance in a fair manner: this is a duty for all who [try to] ward off [Allah’s immediate power presence for justice] (Al-Baqarah: 241).

In the tribal or badly informed behavior of passé Muslims a husband may get rid of his wife due to a flare-up of his nerves… and this becomes par for the course in many clannish communities. This tells us that they enjoy the melody of an ayat but do not bother to understand its practical implication:

And if you have reason to fear that a breach might occur between a [married] couple, appoint an arbiter from among his people and an arbiter from among her people; if they both want to make amends, Allah may bring about their conciliation. Certainly, Allah has always been all-knowing, proficient (Al-Nisa’: 35).

These are some of the “gender gaps” through which the Zionist-Imperialist virus makes its way into the minds of Muslims and infects it with the bacterium of “modernity”, “secularism”, “liberalism” and “progress”.

Stay tuned. We will try our best to plug this gap in the ill-informed Muslim populations.

He said: “Knowledge rests with Allah alone: I communicate to you the message with which I have been entrusted; but I see that you are people given in to ignorance!” -- Al-Ahqaf, 23.

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