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Jumada' al-Ula' 17, 1440 2019-01-23

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by Crescent International

Press TV anchor, Marzieh Hashemi was released from detention today (January 23). She appeared before a grand jury in Washington DC and after completing her testimony, she was released.

In a press release, her family said she was with them and staying at a Washington DC hotel.

Ms Hashemi spent 11 days in a US prison and was shackled and humiliated despite the fact that she was not charged with any crime.

If we were to list her “crimes”, these would include her being an African-American woman working for Iran’s Press TV. She was one of the most prominent anchors on the global network. Further, she produced hard-hitting documentaries especially exposing US and Zionist crimes.

Known globally because of her high profile presentations on Press TV, Ms Hashemi’s incarceration and mistreatment elicited worldwide condemnation.

Her family issued the following statement upon her release:

“Marzieh Hashemi has been released from her detention without charge and is
with her family in Washington DC.

“Marzieh and her family will not allow this to be swept under the carpet. They still have serious grievances and want answers as to how this was allowed to happen.

“They want assurances that this won’t happen to any Muslim – or any other
person – ever again.

“Just as America is aware of the harassment of the Black community by the police, America needs to start talking about the harassment of the Muslim community by the FBI.

“Marzieh Hashemi will be remaining in Washington DC for the protest on Friday and calls for all cities across the world to keep their protest.

“This was never just about Marzieh Hashemi. This is about the fact that anyone of us, Muslim or non-Muslim, can be imprisoned without charge in the United States.

“Marzieh will be making comment in due course.”

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