Muslim on the outside, Zionist/Imperialist on the inside

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Jumada' al-Akhirah 02, 1438 2017-03-01

News & Analysis

by Abu Dharr (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 1, Jumada' al-Akhirah, 1438)

The Arabian rulers have exposed themselves by their unrelenting hostility towards the Islamic Republic when they should have embraced it. These hypocrites put on the appearance of being Muslims but are in reality stooges of Zionism and imperialism.

The Zionist-Imperialist-Arabian officials and their religious and civil employees have shown the world a consistency of blowing hot and cold against the Islamic awakening in Iran since its very inception 38 years ago. And if the past is an indicator, these talk-big loudmouths will continue to blow their own noisy trumpets against the Islamic base in Iran.

The Muslims’ problem is not with imperialism and Zionism — these are the avowed enemies of Islamic awareness, Islamic emergence, and Islamic development. Most Muslims know this well. The Muslims’ problem is with the Arabian regimes that have an Islamic exterior (appearance) and an anti-Islamic interior (essence). These inferiority-afflicted regimes have shown all types of hostilities toward the Islamic comeback in Iran. In the course of the past 38 years, they have pursued policies and plots to sometimes intimidate and sometimes threaten, and yet at other times to overawe the standing-tall Islamic state. They were, in their munafiq ways, behind the wars that were directly and indirectly launched against this self-governing Islamic state.

At the onset of the Islamic change in Iran, these Arabian executives and officers could not offer themselves the time that was needed to evaluate and ascertain the direction of the newly established state. More than that, these Arabian political slaves of Zionism and imperialism showed their favoritism for the Iranian Shah hoping that he could survive the locking of hands between the ‘ulama’ and the people in Iran. When the master imperialist in Washington washed his hands of the Shah, these Arabian surrogate rulers were still hoping and bargaining on his return to Iran. Arabian mouthpieces and media networks went into a frenzy to discourage the Iranian and Arabic-speaking peoples from identifying the uncompromising Islamic Revolution in Iran. None of that worked. The Islamic momentum in Iran was a people’s momentum and the makeover and transformation of a jahili Iran into an Islamic Iran was here to stay and for good.

Last month (February 22–23), the 38-year enduring Islamic Revolution/ Republic held an international conference to enhance the struggle of the Palestinians — their struggle for freedom, justice, and the right to return to their homes and cities in all of Palestine. This conference is not the first (it was the sixth such conference) and will not be the last. Consistent with the strategy of a truly independent Islamic state, Tehran from its very first days of Islamic self-determination espoused the liberation of the land and mind from Zionist colonization and proselytization.

The USA, ever the Zionist minion, could never approve of a popular Islamic movement. The Arabian regimes had other things on their mind; they could not envision a non-Arabian government taking the lead and working night and day on a strategy that would rid the Holy Land of the ungodly Zionists. When Islamic Iran stands out in support of Palestinian rights it makes some Arabian fat-cat regimes resentful and others spiteful. These Arabian kingdoms and republics calculated through their gut-feelings that if the Palestinian cause was to be championed by non-Arabians (Islamic Iran) — at a time when Anwar al-Sadat’s Egypt had capitulated lock, stock, and barrel to the Zionist lord and the Shah became a wandering royal vagabond — it would only be a matter of time before their true political subservience would surface for all to see. This self-survival gut feeling now drives these political primitives into the lap of Zionists and the hugs of imperialists. Then and now they are doing everything they can to obstruct the course of Islamic Iran.

On the other hand, there were masses of Arabs who were excited to see an independent Iran and an Islamic Iran take the lead. They were optimistic that this self-determining and non-aligned Islamic country with its spectacular revolution will usher in a new phase in an otherwise deteriorating part of the world. The intuition of the Arab peoples was positive as opposed to the gut-feeling of the Arabian regimes, which was negative toward the Islamic paradigm shift in Iran. And as is the case in most circumstances, those in power reacted first. With the help of their Zionist, British, and American masters, these Arabian regimes began an extensive two-pronged attack on Islamic public opinion. They used practically all of their institutions (media, academia, political, economic, etc.) to mug Islamic Iran with their vile propaganda. They gave it all they had to convince Arabs and Muslims that Iran is an outcast Shi‘i state and the Iranian people are nothing more than fire-worshipping Zoroastrians or sectarian Safawis. These regimes wanted this propaganda to take effect in the manner of a barrier to prevent the Arabs and Muslims from following the Iranian lead in getting rid of despotic dictators and tyrannical taghuts. This poisonous propaganda was infused with all the Sunni-Shi‘i buzzwords and nationalistic catchwords. The demons of division were resurrected out of which came the monsters of animosity and the hate that loves to kill (takfir). The Arabian regimes opened the Pandora’s Box of fitnah. These Arabian regimes (especially in the Arabian Peninsula) accuse Iran of instigating this fitnah. The fact is that they themselves set off this Sunni-Shi‘i and Arab vs. ‘Ajami fitnah. These regimes and their “scholars” went looking for some controversial statements in the Shi‘i context and history and they found some. Such controversial statements are found in every context and history — the Sunni one included. And then these official Arabians began to exaggerate and blow everything out of proportion. This led and leads to an internal Islamic hemorrhage that can only benefit Zionism and imperialism.

The towering Islamic Revolu-tion/Republic produced a model of factual and faithful independence. It rejected all types of foreign interference. It proclaimed that the security of the region is the responsibility of the peoples of the region and not that of the US or the Zionist regime or any other far-off or extraneous nation-state. This did not sit well with the regimes dependent on imperialism and Zionism; true and truthful independence would mean that they would cease to exist. Regional security becoming the responsibility of regional peoples would mean that the Arabian regimes dependent on the US, Britain, and Israel would have to part with reliance on Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. To counter this, the Arabian regimes went on a verbal offensive accusing Islamic Iran of “exporting its revolution” or “interfering in the internal affairs of their countries.” Instead of opting for their own independence and self-reliance, these Arabian monarchies tried (and are still trying) their best to keep public opinion from contrasting Islamic Iran’s independence with their own dependence on the US, Britain, and Israel. There are no foreign military bases in Islamic Iran; there are scores of military bases, installations, and operation centers in Arabdom. Islamic Iran has gone a long way in building its civil, industrial, and military infrastructure. The Arabian regimes are addicted to signing military contracts with all and sundry. No Arabian official has ever told us why they are so afraid of Islamic Iran and not so afraid of Zionist Israel! They haven’t explained to us why they cannot build their own infrastructure! Who prohibits them from having their own military industry! Is it Islamic Iran? Or is it the US, Israel, and Britain?

When all this propaganda hot air gets them nowhere, these Arabian scaredy-cats go running to mama in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. And guess what? The next step, we are told, is that “everything is on the table,” by which they mean war and they hint at using nuclear weapons. This, of course, is a shot of opium to the Arabian political addict who needs his Zionist-imperialist fix. The Saudi regime and its chickenhawks scared the Ba‘th regime into a war with Islamic Iran. Actually, it was the Zionists and the imperialists speaking through the Saudis and their hangers-on that if Íaddam does not defeat Islamic Iran, Islamic Iran will defeat Íaddam: either, or! This Arabian war of aggression on behalf of Zionism and imperialism resulted in a long drawn out conflict against Islamic Iran, draining the Muslim East of precious resources and sapping the Muslim generation of an important military potential had it been directed against Israeli aggression and warmongering. The Capitalist-Israeli-Arabian (CIA) alliance was ecstatic during those eight years when Muslims killed Muslims — depleting Iran and debilitating Iraq.

Through all these years of combat and conspiracies, the Islamic Revolution/Republic has left an undeniable impression and a strong influence on the masses of Arabs and Muslims. When Islamic Iran terminated the Zionist embassy in its capital, other Arabian regimes were germinating Zionist embassies or missions in their capitals. How can thinking Muslims not take notice of this?

When Islamic Iran supports Palestinian freedom fighters and Hizbullah, and the Arabian regimes speak for or cheer on the Zionist attacks on Palestinians and Lebanon, how can thinking Muslims not take notice of this?

Islamic Iran has raised the consciousness of the Muslim public concerning the capitalist and imperialist theft of Islamic resources. Islamic Iran has been and will continue to raise the revolutionary temperature of Muslim and oppressed peoples in the Muslim East and in the oppressed south. Islamic Iran has elevated public awareness pertaining to the terrible trio: America, Israel, and Arabia. Islamic Iran lifted the spirits of the committed Muslims belonging to the Islamic movement in the world while at the same time it caused the sectarian zealots (Sunnis and Shi‘is) to come out in the open.

As tardy as it is for some to confess, the Islamic Revolution in Iran is the first real success story of Islamic self-determination in contemporary history. As a sideshow to this groundbreaking revolution, Arabian rulers began to show up in masjids, on camera, and for publicity’s sake. Kings and presidents began to show up more frequently to the public during Ramadan.

The US and Israel contributed to the popularity of Islamic Iran — not that they meant to do so, of course. Words of condemnation from Tel Aviv and Washington turned into popular adulation for the Islamic Revolution. Sanctions that were meant to bring the Islamic leadership in Tehran to its knees caused Islamic Iran to stand up on its own feet, and by relying on its own resources to stand tall among the nations. The US through its myriad policies in the Muslim East inferioritized the Arabians and superioritized the Zionists. Islamic decision-making in Iran broke out of that inferiority-superiority dichotomy by building an independent economy and a strong military. This military-economic independence of Islamic Iran scares the daylights out of the Zionists and their vassals. Islamic Iran does not go to Washington or London or any other capital to sign military contracts. Saudi Arabia and its Arabian juniors and jahili juveniles import everything from potato chips to computer chips. Not so with Islamic Iran. It has developed research and development institutions, it put scientific minds to work, it enhanced scientific investigations and discoveries, etc. It worked its will all the way to acquiring nuclear technology. In the meantime, the Arabian talkathon diplomats were busy concocting conspiracies and following orders.

Islamic Iran has its space program; it has put satellites into orbit and others are being prepared for launch. Jahili Arabia orbits around its midriff and waistline. Islamic Iran may be working on developing intercontinental missiles; Arabian officials are hardworking on intra-Islamic fitnahs. Islamic Iran supports the Palestinians openly. The Arabian stab-them-in-the-back rulers support the Israelis clandestinely. The result: Israel could not defeat freedom fighting Palestinians and Lebanese in the last four war attempts. Israel when supported by Arabian regimes defeats Arabian armies, but Israel when opposed by Islamic Iran is defeated by Arab fighters. The Arabian fitnah-masters tried to draw Islamic Iran into sectarian wars in Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria, but Islamic Iran showed great maturity by avoiding sectarianism and standing on principle in all these cases.

The US, the workhorse of Zionist interests, is trying its best to connive against Islamic Iran with calls for renewed sanctions and the forging of an alliance between Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. This will come to naught because there is a limitation to imperialist power and a limitation on people’s ignorance. The Arabian emperors have no clothes. Their alliance with Yahud (Zionists) and Naßara (imperialists) is out in the open. Victory may be less than a generation away.

The “Muslim” in the “Arabian” will wake up one day soon. This “Muslim” will discover how jahili juvenile he was by always relying on an imperialist master and a Zionist boss to solve his self-inflicted problems. Liberated from his inferiority past, he will realize how obsessed he was with the false powers of the mustakbirin. The Arabian problem, in one sense, is that it cannot coexist with an Islamic power but can coexist with an anti-Islamic Zionist and imperialist power. Arabians are quick to go to war with themselves: from pre-Islamic Aws and Khazraj, Dahis wa-al-Ghabra’ all the way to today’s Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, etc. And when it comes to Zionist Israel none of these Arabians can marshal an iota of courage! Arabians, in their political madness, cannot tolerate freedom for the “other” (Iranians) when they themselves are slaves! Therefore, Iran must remain under the yoke of Zionism and imperialism — Iran must remain a slave! If these Arabians had independent minds they would have spent all those trillions of dollars on building their industries and infrastructures instead of spending it on self-destructive wars, leaving hundreds of millions of Muslims poor, hungry, malnourished, ignorant, and displaced.

A salute to Islamic Iran… and a slap to jahili Arabia!

La yu’minu ahadukum hatta yuhibba li-akhihi ma yuhibbu li-nafsihi: None of you will be committed [to Allah’s power and authority] until he desires for his brother what he desires for himself [hadith sharif].

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