Neo-cons flock to Hillary’s camp like flies to garbage

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Ramadan 26, 1435 2014-07-24

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by Crescent International

America's neo-cons have found Hillary Clinton's aggressive policies to their liking and are flocking to her like flies to filth. Pity the American people for they will end up even more isolated--and hated--globally. The military-industrial complex will get a major boost in their projects for endless wars and killing of innocent people.

Washington DC, Crescent-online
Thursday July 31, 2014, 17:39 DST

Several analysts have pointed out that a sea-change is occurring in Washington DC as Hillary Clinton sails unimpeded towards her nomination as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. Clinton’s hawkish tendencies are no secret, and were on full display during her tenure as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama’s first term.

She pushed for US military intervention in Libya; has tried to influence Obama for direct, military support of the militias wreaking havoc in Syria; and has even favored a military response to Russian President Vladimir Putin on his stance in Ukraine.

Now, with Clinton poised towards victory in securing the Democratic Party nomination and therefore, the next US presidential election, the neocons that had wreaked such havoc during the presidency of George W. Bush are regrouping around her, finding in her a match for their hawkish, imperial tendencies.

This volatile development could spell disaster for US foreign policy in the coming years.

During a HuffPost Live conversation about Ms Clinton’s links with the neo-cons, David Corn, Washington bureau chief of the left wing journal Mother Jones, noted that this phenomenon is linked to the past patterns of the neocon group.

Corn explained that neocons have a political history of seeking to “burrow into one camp and establish a foothold somewhere,”—in other words, they will actively hunt for any candidate that best suits them. Corn argues that if the Republican Party does not suit their interests, then they will look for a foothold elsewhere.

in his article in the New York Times on July 5, Jacob Heilbrunn has given wide exposure to this. The article describes how an important faction of the neoconservative movement, led by Robert Kagan and Max Boot, and including Michael McFaul, are slowly but surely edging their way into Clinton’s camp.

At the same time, Clinton is firmly within the camp of the Wall Street robber barons that are responsible for the financial collapse of the US economy. Hilary Clinton, her husband Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have strong ties with Wall Street’s biggest financial players.

This means that should Hilary Clinton win the election, she will do everything in her power to push the US military-industrial complex into overdrive.


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