Palestinians in Gaza Bury Their Dead While Israelis Prepare for Eurovision Song and Dance

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Sha'ban 29, 1440 2019-05-05

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Zionist Israel’s relentless bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip on the eve of Ramadan has killed 17 Palestinians and injured 110 others in three days of strikes.

Among those killed are a 14-month-old baby Saba Abu Arar and her 37-year-old pregnant aunt, Salah Bat Abu Arar.

The child and aunt were sitting in the house backyard when an Israeli missile struck their house. Both were buried today (Sunday May 5).

Since the Zionist onslaught began on Friday May 3, missiles, air strikes and tank fire have been directed at the tiny enclave.

Palestinian resistance fighters have retaliated by firing some 450 homemade missiles at the occupation forces and territory killing one Israeli settler.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu, who is accused of war crimes, said he would continue attacking Gaza Strip to punish the besieged Palestinians.

Israeli planes and missile have hit more than 260 sites in Gaza, almost all of them Palestinian homes and civilian infrastructure. Many Palestinians have had their homes destroyed the second time since the summer 2014 Zionist attack on Gaza. That attack also occurred in the month of Ramadan.

The Israeli onslaught occurs as the Zionist regime prepares to hold the Eurovision song contest on May 7.

While Palestinians bury their dead, the Zionists and their European allies indulge in song and dance.

Gaza Health Ministry officials said three Palestinians were killed when an Israeli air strike targeted a crowd in the Gaza City neighborhood of Shuja‘iya. This was reported by the Palestinian news agency, Wafa today.

The three were identified as Bilal al-Bana, Abdullah Abu al-Ata, and Hamed Ahmed Abdel Khazri.

Health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said Khazri was a commander of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

The Zionists’ blood lust was not satiated by such barbarism and a few hours later, two more Palestinians were killed in an Israeli air strike at the Bureij camp in central Gaza.

Israeli warplanes then killed five more Palestinians when houses in Rafah and Beit Lahia neighborhoods were attacked.

The Zionist occupation regime claims it launched strikes at the enclave after two of its soldiers were wounded by Palestinian gunfire near the Gaza fence.

Hamas said Zionist occupation forces have been breaching earlier ceasefire “understandings,” and it retaliated for Israeli strikes with rockets.

Under an Israeli and Egyptian siege since 2007, the two million inhabitants of Gaza Strip are living in appalling conditions.

There is extreme poverty and disease because of lack of food and clean drinking water; 90 % of Gaza’s water is contaminated.

Few medicines are available since the Zionists would not allow anything to go in to the tiny besieged Strip.

The Zionist regime has subjected the Palestinians to collective punishment, an illegal act under international law. But the US, Israel’s patron saint, prevents any censure of this illegitimate entity in the Middle East.

There will only be peace when the racist ideology of Zionism is uprooted from that land to allow all people of whatever faith to live as equal citizens under the law.

For this to occur, Muslims worldwide and their allies have to make a lot greater effort than has hitherto been witnessed.

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