Gaza rises from the ashes after Zionists wreak havoc and destruction

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Shawwal 12, 1442 2021-05-24

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Thousands of people in Gaza took to the streets on May 23, not to protest, but to clean up.

With brooms and shovels in hand, young and old, and men, women and children, started sweeping the rubble-strewn streets and removed blocks of concrete.

Under the slogan “We Will Rebuild It”, more than 3,000 volunteers began clearing the rubble.

The campaign will last for a week and go from one neighbourhood to another, clearing and cleaning up.

Hosny Mohanna, the campaign’s spokesperson, was reported by Al Jazeera as saying that at least 3,000 people showed up to help the effort.

“The turnout and enthusiasm we have seen is testament to our people’s resilience,” he said.

The volunteers began at the site of what once used to be the Shorouq building.

It was one of Gaza City’s oldest high-rises that the Israeli military bombed and destroyed in its 11-day murderous onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Six high rise buildings, more than 1,000 houses and commercial units, at least eight hospitals and medical clinics were also destroyed by the Zionist war machine.

Another 1,800 residential units suffered damage and are unfit to live in.

Volunteers talked about bringing life back to Gaza and to heal the wounds.

Such courage would be hard to find elsewhere.

No people have suffered such relentless attacks in recent history as those living in Gaza at the hands of the Zionist war criminals.

Armed to the teeth by the US, the Zionist occupiers are trying to repeat the genocide perpetrated by their financier and benefactor.

The Gazans have shown remarkable resilience and refuse to disappear quietly.

For 11 days, they were subjected to the full might of Zionist terrorists, raining death and destruction from the air, land and sea.

Apartment blocks, homes and commercial properties were all destroyed. Hospitals, schools and treatment plants were also not spared.

Virtually, the entire Gaza Strip has been reduced to rubble. Entire families have been wiped out by the Zionist war criminals.

Any other people would have thrown up their arms in despair.

Not so the people of Gaza.

The clean-up operation goes on hand-in-hand with digging out the dead from underneath tons of rubble.

The Zionist war criminals should note: the people of Gaza refuse to give up or disappear.

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