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Muharram 18, 1436 2014-11-11

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by Crescent International

How wicked can these Mooslem terrorists get? They even plotted to kill Her Majesty the Queen, the kindly 88-year-old grandmother and Head of the Commonwealth and Colonies. Thanks to great work by the London police and MI5, the plot was nabbed just in time before Remembrance Day to allow for a smooth celebration. The alleged terrorists were going to use a knife. Really!

London, Crescent-online
Tuesday November 11, 2014, 14:53 EST

The “Islamist” terrorists are really becoming bothersome. Now they even plotted to kill our dear Queen, Elizabeth R, Her Majesty the Queen of England and Wales and Northern Ireland (but not the Republic of Ireland!) as well as Head of the Commonwealth and the Colonies including Australia, New Zealand and Canada!

The plot to kill Her Majesty was discovered just in time by Scotland Yard two days before Remembrance Day celebrations.

The British tabloid press had a field day and carried screaming headlines about the alleged plot.

The police revealed that they had arrested four “suspected Islamist terrorists” that had plotted to kill Her Majesty with a knife!

Did they plan to slit Her Majesty’s throat like they did in that fake video of James Foley (the rightwing British daily, The Telegraph called it ‘fake’ [August 25, 2014]), we would never know because the four suspects are already in police custody.

Were they going to use the same knife they had used on Foley?

According to the police, the four suspects planned to attack Her Majesty the Queen at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday November 8. The police nabbed them just in time.

Kudos to the London police for foiling another plot by wicked Mooslems that hate our way of life and freedoms! The police did not have to call 007; just as well since the real 007 has now joined the Scottish Independence movement.

It would have looked embarrassing for the London police to rely on a Scottish separatist to save the Queen. Even 007 may have betrayed her Majesty, so the London police proved up to the task and did a marvelous job.

Well done chaps, some medals are definitely in order!

London’s sleazy tabloid, The Sun, reported: “An alleged plot to kill the Queen of England was foiled by British police, it was reported Friday [Nov. 07]. Four Islamic terror suspects had hatched a murderous plan to stab the 88-year-old monarch.”

How wicked can they get; they will even kill an 88-year-old grandma, and with a knife!

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail, another rightwing mouthpiece, reported that the four suspects were known to the police and were under surveillance for several months.

The British internal security agency, MI5 had provided “relevant information” to the media but what kind of information, we do not know.

So was there and was there not a plot to kill Her Majesty the Queen?

And where were the four “Islamist terrorist suspects from? Were they from London or somewhere in the Midlands or they had sneaked into Britain from Syria, Iraq or even Libya?

What has remained unexplained is: how were these alleged terrorists armed with a knife (and according to other reports even with firearms) going to get past the numerous layers of security to reach Her Majesty?

With the arrest of the four alleged terror suspects, we are never going to find out.

What a pity!


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