Protests at Zionist racism against Ethiopian Jews

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Rajab 12, 1436 2015-05-01

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by Crescent International

Zionist society is deeply racist. Ethiopian Jews, like the Palestinians face the brunt of this racism. Ethiopian Jews are expected to sacrifice their lives for the racist entity but they are not treated as equal citizens. Instead, they routinely face police brutality, just like that other great democracy, the US where police brutality has been rampant targeting and killing unarmed African-Americans.

Beirut, Crescent-online
Friday May 1, 2015, 11:09 DST

Zionist racism is a fact of life for Palestinians. It is also a fact of life for Ethiopian Jews that were brought to the Zionist utopia in the mid-1980s because the Zionists needed manpower for their expanding wars of aggression. Called the Flashas, they have faced Zionist racism ever since. They are good enough to sacrifice their lives for the “protection” of the Zionist entity but their skin color makes them lower class citizens and, therefore, lesser human beings. Their plight is akin to African-Americans in the US despite Barack Obama occupying the White House.

Like the protests against police brutality in Baltimore (US) for more than 10 days now, hundreds of Ethiopians took to the streets in Jerusalem to protest what they say is rampant racism against their community. What sparked the protest that quickly spread to more than a thousand by evening was an attack caught on video in which officials from Israel's immigration authority viciously beat an Israeli of Ethiopian-descent.

"They took my shoes and beat me with a crowbar," says Walla Bayach, an Israeli of Ethiopian descent living in Be'er Sheva, who says that inspectors from Israel's Population and Immigration Authority assaulted him on Wednesday April 29 thinking he was a migrant.

As with every incident of police brutality in the US, officials from the Population and Immigration Authority presented their own distorted version of the incident. They alleged Bayach had assaulted the inspectors first after they asked him to present identification documents. Why would Bayach assault the inspectors and why did they ask for his identification papers? Would they do that a “white” Jew?

The protest in Jerusalem on Thursday April 30 focused on "the racism and violence towards Israel's Ethiopians" and saw scores of protesters clash with police, who some say target Ethiopians. Bayach’s assault was not the first. A few days earlier, on Sunday April 26, a soldier in uniform of Ethiopian descent (Demas Fekadeh) was assaulted by a white policeman and knocked to the ground in Tel Aviv.

Another policeman then beat him badly. The entire incident was caught on video camera. "We've had enough! No to racism, no to discrimination. Our democracy is at risk. Enough to police violence," protesters said, blocking the entrance to Jerusalem and its main artery. They also protested outside the police headquarters before marching in the streets of Jerusalem.

Bayach who came to Israel from Ethiopia two years ago had numerous cuts and bruises caused by the inspectors' assault. He had to be taken to hospital for treatment. He was on his way to the city's employment bureau to obtain a Letter of Good Standing (a certificate of absence of criminal record) before entering a new job, when three inspectors in civilian clothes approached him.

"They asked me if I was Sudanese or Eritrean and I told them I was Israeli, although I didn't understand who they were," the Israeli website Ynet reported.

"They did not identify themselves, grabbed me violently, twisted my arm and put handcuffs on me."

Bayach says after the inspectors put handcuffs on him "they knocked me down, removed my shoes and beat my feet with a crowbar."

"Then, they removed the handcuffs, pulled out my ID card and told me get into a car. I was very scared, I didn't know who these people who assaulted me were, and I ran to the city's employment bureau."

"I still don't know what I am guilty of. I never stole or hurt anyone," he said.

He will soon learn that the Zionists are absolute racists. They will use Jews of Ethiopian descent to give their life and blood for their protection, but will never get equal rights as citizens. Racism is as deeply ingrained in the Zionist entity as it is in the US. Both discriminate against blacks in their societies.


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