Quds rally and Zionist tribal warfare in Canada

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Crescent International

Shawwal 15, 1436 2015-08-01

Editor's Desk

by Crescent International (Editor's Desk, Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 6, Shawwal, 1436)

Toronto has the distinction of holding the largest Quds Day rally in North America. Toronto’s rallies are attended not only by Muslims but also fair-minded, justice-seeking Christians, Jews, and members of other faiths.

For several years now, the Zionists have tried to prevent the rally, which starts from Queen’s Park, seat of the provincial government. In 2013, Queen’s Park refused permission for the rally on its grounds, citing security concerns, which have historically provided cover for a more sinister agenda.

The rally went ahead anyway by gathering at a public park north of the legislative building, garnering much greater publicity. The following year (2014), Queen’s Park granted permission but also allowed thugs of the Jewish Defence (Offence) League (JDL) to assemble on the same grounds creating a potentially explosive situation.

The JDL thugs needed no permission; members of the provincial legislature, supposedly elected by Canadians, kowtow to Zionists! Ontario Premier Kathleen Wayne is a regular fixture at the annual “March for Israel” extravaganza.

This year, Queen’s Park again refused permission citing Pan Am Games in Toronto. B’nai Brith, the so-called Jewish human rights organization, claimed it had successfully lobbied against granting permission. The Quds rally assembled at the US Consulate and then marched to Queen’s Park.

While the JDL goons were there — in much smaller numbers — they also attacked B’nai Brith for not showing up to oppose the Quds rally and said their presumed “victory” was a sham. We agree!

The tribe is at war with itself. Good.

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