Zionist hysteria over Quds Rally

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Ahmed Mohamad Ali

Shawwal 27, 1437 2016-08-01

Letters To The Editor

by Ahmed Mohamad Ali (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 6, Shawwal, 1437)

Reader Ahmed Mohamad Ali explains why the Zionists are getting hysterical about the success of Quds rallies in Toronto.

Every year, Muslims and justice-seeking people participate in Quds Day rallies all over the world. Toronto is one of the major cities where Quds rallies attract a very large number of people, supporters and otherwise. This year was no exception. Thousands attended the rally that was and has always been completely peaceful except for the Jewish Defence [Offense] League (JDL) thugs who indulge in violence.

The Zionists have gone berserk over the success of Quds Day rallies in Toronto. From blackmailing officials, the Zionists have now started making scandalous allegations against some of the speakers. Like the illegitimate entity they support, the Zionists, as compulsive liars, are not ashamed to make false allegations. They will fail in this as they have in preventing the Quds Day rallies from being held. People are no longer prepared to put up with Zionist racists and bigots.

Ahmed Mohamad Ali
Toronto, ON, Canada

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