Remembering Sabra and Shatilla

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Maqbool Ahmed Khan

Dhu al-Hijjah 06, 1435 2014-10-01

Letters To The Editor

by Maqbool Ahmed Khan (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 43, No. 8, Dhu al-Hijjah, 1435)

The anniversary of the massacre at Sabra and Shatilla should remind everyone of the criminal nature of the Zionist regime.

I would like to thank Br. Mohamed Hawash for remembering the massacres of Sabra and Shatilla (letter, September 2014). The Zionist regime has perpetrated a whole lot of crimes against the Palestinian people but this one was so horrendous in bestiality that we must never forget it.

I would like to propose that Crescent International should start a series of articles on the many massacres perpetrated against Muslims worldwide. There are so many. Currently the terrorist group, ISIS’s crimes are being dumped in the lap of Muslims. We should not only reject ISIS takfiris because they are not Muslims, but also highlight the crimes the West and its Zionist allies have perpetrated against innocent Muslims.

Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Mayanmar, Bosnia and a host of other places are crying out for attention at the genocides perpetrated there. We cannot expect anything from the so-called Muslim regimes because they are all complicit in these crimes. Egypt perpetrated a massacre against its own people; their only fault/crime was that they wanted the restoration of a legitimately elected president and government. Are other regimes any different?

Maqbool Ahmed Khan

Los Angeles, CA, US

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