Sabotage, death threats against Imam Musa, and now grand larceny of Masjid al Islam accounts

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Rabi' al-Thani 18, 1437 2016-01-28

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Stealing money from Masjid al Islam accounts, a registered charity, must be a new low. Imam Musa, founder and leader of Masjid al Islam, has faced many challenges in his life including the killing of his grandson and shooting of his son. Now he is faced with a new challenge: theft of funds from Masjid al Islam accounts. Who are involved in this act of grand larceny? We shed light on them.

Washington DC, Crescent-online
Thursday January 28, 2016, 12:03 EST

Imam Abdul Alim Musa is no stranger to difficulties and challenges. All his life he has faced these with courage and patience. In recent years, he has been confronted by internal sabotage.

The Masjid al Islam property in Oakland, California has not only been repeatedly vandalized but also burglarized. Those involved are people that claim to be Muslims.

The latest challenge involves stealing money from Masjid al Islam accounts by false representation. The accounts are with the Bank of America and Imam Musa says he has left specific instructions with the bank that no withdrawal from the bank accounts should be allowed without his personal presence and authorization.

He is the sole signatory on the accounts. Yet, last month, nearly $30,000 was withdrawn from the account using false paperwork. Imam Musa says that when he discovered this, he went to the bank to inquire how and why they violated the clear instructions he had left with the bank?

According to Imam Musa, a person by the name of Mukhtar Mujahid went to the California Secretary of State office to claim that he was the new president of Masjid al Islam. He changed the paperwork to show him as “president”. The office simply asks an individual to fill out a form and it certifies it.

The person concerned, in this case Mukhtar Mujahid, took these papers to the bank and claimed he was the official for Masjid al Islam and that he was the authorized person for these accounts. He also took Imam Musa’s name off all the accounts, says the Imam.

Making this false representation, a sum of $30,000 in separate installments was then withdrawn from the accounts.

How could a bank—Bank of America in this case—agree to such a scam is beyond belief. It appears that there is a much larger conspiracy involved in order to undermine Imam Musa and the work he is doing. He has been fighting off such challenges for decades.

It needs recalling that his grandson was shot and killed; his son was shot and left for dead. He miraculously survived. Now, he is subjected to economic and financial sabotage.

Where is the law in America and how can banks and state institutions become party to such schemes of grand larceny? Imam Musa says he plans to sue the bank and other involved in this scandal.

Muslims in America face many challenges; surviving is one of them. If the powers that be are unable to undermine a group’s activities through internal disruption, they resort to other tactics, such as crippling groups by stealing their money.

In recent months, there have been a spate of attacks against committed Muslims starting with the massacre of members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria where more than 1,000 followers of Shaykh Zakzaky were slaughtered (December 12-13). This was followed by the barbaric execution of Shaykh Nimr al Nimr by the Saudi regime. Imam Abdul Alim Musa faces a similar challenge in the US.


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