Saudis go berserk over reminder of their role in killing pilgrims during last year’s Hajj

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Dhu al-Hijjah 04, 1437 2016-09-06

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by Crescent International

Is this man (shown in the picture) fit to issue fatwas about who is a Muslim and who is not? This man, the so-called of mufti of 'Saudi' Arabia, is blind and believes the earth is flat and that men can cannibalize their wives. Can Muslims really take him seriously? Further, the Saudi rulers have serious character flaws that make them unfit to be in control of the affairs of Hajj.

Tuesday September 06, 2016, 22:03 DST

The Najdi Bedouins (aka Bani Saud or the House of Saud) have historically brushed aside any criticism arising from their incompetence in killing pilgrims by calling it an ‘Act of God.’

They have not, however, been able to get away with the deaths, indeed murder, of thousands of pilgrims during last year’s Hajj. More than 4,000 pilgrims were murdered when the callous Saudis corralled hundreds of thousands of pilgrims into a tight area because some prince was passing by.

In his message to the hujjaj this year, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Rahbar of the Islamic Republic, drew attention to the Saudis’ callousness in killing so many pilgrims last year.

“About one year has passed since the horrible Mina incidents in which several thousand people, on the day of Eid and attired in the ihram [two pieces of unstitched cloth worn by male pilgrims], lost their lives tragically under the [searing] sun and with thirsty lips. A few days earlier, at the Grand Mosque, a number [of pilgrims] were killed while they were in worship and circumambulation and [saying] prayers,” said the Rahbar in his message that was publishe on his website on September 5.

He put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Saudi rulers because they have unilaterally taken control of the affairs of Hajj. “The Saudi rulers are to blame for both incidents; this is something on which all attendants [in Hajj] and observers and technical analysts agree, and some experts [even] speculated that these acts were intentional.”

Truth clearly hurts. Upon reading the Rahbar’s clear and unambiguous position on the deaths of so many pilgrims last year, the Saudis went berserk.

Their attack came from the blind mufti, Abdulaziz al-Sheikh. Instead of responding to the charge—a very serious one indeed and something that the Rahbar does not indulge in lightly—the blind mufti made scandalous allegations against the Iranian leadership and people.

He said the Rahbar’s remarks blaming the Saudi rulers was “not surprising” because Iranians are descendants of “Majoos”. The Saudi mufti, clearly parting with his senses, then went on: "We must understand they are not Muslims, for they are the descendants of Majoos, and their enmity towards Muslims, especially the Sunnis, is very old," according to the AP news agency.

Let us deconstruct the Saudi court preacher’s remarks. First, he did not refute the charge about the Saudi rulers’ incompetence. How could he? The mufti is blind; besides, he would be out of a job if he were to accept the truth about last year’s killings in Mina.

But his scandalous allegation about the Iranians being descendants of Majoos puts him outside the pale. Saudi court preachers are mentally challenged. For instance, they insist that the earth is flat. While we can ignore their nonsensical rant about this, there can be no forgiving their calling other Muslims as non-Muslims.

There is a hadith of the noble Messenger (pbuh) that says that if one Muslim calls another Muslim a kafir, one of them is going to go to hell. Upon being asked to explain, the noble Messenger (pbuh) said: “If the accuser is correct then the accused will go to hell, but if the accuser is wrong, then he will go to hell.”

Further, the Bani Saud and their court preachers do not speak on behalf “Sunni” Muslims. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Sunni Muslims reject their narrow obscurantist interpretations of Islam. How many Sunni Muslims in the world are Wahhabis? Truth be told, very, very few.

Looking at the conduct of the leaders of the Islamic Republic, we can safely say that they are far better and honorable Muslims than most Saudis can ever aspire to be. The Saudi court preachers see nothing wrong with monarchy when Allah has forbidden this kind of rule. The noble Messenger (pbuh) never called himself king.

Further, the Saudi rulers are guilty of shirk by calling the Arabian Peninsula as ‘Saudi’ Arabia. Everything belongs to Allah, the Lord and Sustainer of the worlds. Don’t the Saudi court preachers know this or their conscience, if they have one, has been bought for a fistful of riyals?

Even the mushriks at the time of the Prophet (pbuh) did not stop anyone from performing the Hajj. The Saudi rulers and their court preachers are guilty of a serious violation of Allah’s commands by blocking the Iranian pilgrims as well as many other Muslims from performing Hajj by denying them a visa (another bidah introduced by the Saudis).

The Najid Bedouins are on kissing terms with the Zionists, the killers of Palestinians. They are clearly unfit to administer the affairs of Hajj.

They are also guilty of preventing the hujjaj from fulfilling their obligation of declaring dissociation from the mushrikeen (today’s imperialists and Zionists) at the time of Hajj, as commanded by Allah in the noble Qur’an (9:03). Instead, the Najdi Bedouins call this “politicization” of Hajj.

Who should the Muslims follow: the Najdi Bedouins and their scholars for dollars or the commands of Allah and His Messenger (pbuh)? Muslims have some serious thinking and work to do.

The time has come to take the Bani Saud to task and remove them from the administration of Hajj before they destroy the Ka’aba as well.

The Bani Saud are not capable of administering the affairs of Hajj. They neither have the mental capacity, nor religious qualifications to be anywhere near such a sacred site. They should be banished to the Najdi desert to live in tents with their camels. We would be glad to provide them some dates and brickish pond water!


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