Saudis to demolish Prophet’s house in Makkah

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Rabi' al-Thani 22, 1435 2014-02-22

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The Saudis do not consider anything to be sacred. In their drive to build concrete and steel structures so that the so-called royals can make money, they are planning to demolish the last vestiges of Prophetic history. Now they have plans to demolish the house where the Prophet (pbuh) was believed to have been born. A massive shopping complex will be built on the site.


February 22, 2014, 22:33 EST

In their obsession to build concrete and steel monstrosities in the most holy of Islamic cities—Makkah—the Saudi regime plans to demolish the house where the noble Messenger, peace be upon him (pbuh), was born. The demolition is part of a multi-billion project to build a shopping, commercial and residential complex that will ostensibly serve the pilgrims that come for Umrah or Hajj. The Saudis are planning to send in bolldozers to start the demolition.

Some years ago, when the regime had planned to demolish the house, residents of Makkah approached the municipality and urged officials to spare the house. At that time, a parking lot was planned on the site. Residents suggested that they would like to convert the house into a library so that people could benefit from it by learning at least.

The Saudi regime postponed the so-called development project at the time but they are about to send in the bulldozers now. All around the Haram in Makkah and Madinah, historical sites have been bulldozed to make room for concrete and steel structures that make the two holy cities look like replicas of New York or San Francisco.

For the Saudis, nothing is sacred. They have destroyed at least 90 percent of the historic sites and the remaining 10 percent are also due for demolition.

Even Jabal al-Noor atop which is situated the Cave of Hira where the noble Messenger (pbuh) receive his first revelation is destined to be bulldozed. In their archaic thinking, the Saudis believe people are indulging in bidaa by going up the mountain to pray in the Cave or even visit it.

In their zeal to prevent “bidaa”, the Saudi regime wants to bulldoze an entire mountain! The mega bidaas they themselves indulge in are conveniently overlooked.

In their zeal to prevent “bidaa”, the Saudi regime wants to bulldoze an entire mountain! The mega bidaas they themselves indulge in are conveniently overlooked. For instance, naming the Arabian Peninsula as “Saudi” Arabia is not only a bidaa, it is shirk. The family does not own the holy land. There is no country named after a family anywhere except the Arabian Peninsula, the name given to it by the Prophet (pbuh). Another major bidaa the Saudi regime is involved in to get fatwas from their court ulama saying money from the Bait al-Maal can be used to construct these monstrosities because these buildings will serve the pilgrims.

Yet, the money collected from pilgrims goes into the pockets of members of the House of Saud. Thus, they are involved in massive theft from the pilgrims. The entire area surrounding the Masjid al-Haram now looks like a huge shopping mall. There are also five-star hotels where the rich pilgrims can stay and do not have to come to the floor of the Haram. The Saudis have thus created different classes of Hajj when in fact this is an Islamic obligation that is meant to demolish all distinctions.

Unfortunately, Saudi religious authorities provide legitimacy to such destructive projects. For instance, in April 2013, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah al-Sheikh issued a statement defending demolition of early Islamic heritage sites in Makkah and Madinah.

No Saudi shaikh has so far questioned the legitimacy of the monarchical system when it is expressly forbidden in Islam.


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