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Abu Dharr

Jumada' al-Akhirah 01, 1435 2014-04-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 43, No. 2, Jumada' al-Akhirah, 1435)

A leading figure in the Syrian National Coalition haw come out openly to say the SNC is willing to sell the Golan Heights in return for Zionist support to overthrow the Asad regime in Syria.

The true colors of the head-honchos of the Arabian financed Syrian opposition are beginning to show. One of them — Dr. Kamal al-Labwani — has said what the others are afraid to say or are delaying to say. Breaking new treasonous grounds, this American-based Syrian opposition figure skipped all the diplomatic jargon and blurted out the truth: the Syrians should trade the Golan Heights for a perpetual peace with (Zionist) Israel. The flip-side of this mutinous bargaining offer is “to hell with the Palestinians.” And that pretty much sums up the whole Zionist-imperialist-Arabian strategy of the darling of the Euro-American mainstream media: the “Syrian Revolution."

Mr. al-Labwani is not a minor figure. He is a member of the Founding Committee of the Syrian National Coalition, and by extension a figure to be reckoned with inside the groups supported by Saudi Arabia, the US, Zionist Israel and their team of lesser-Arabian hitchhikers. He was not satisfied with a commercial deal, he went on to ask Israel to interfere militarily to assist the Syrian opposition and bring down the regime of President Bashar al-Asad by establishing a no-fly zone of around 100km2 in southern Syria. This offer by Mr. al-Labwani tells us how democratic the Syrian opposition is: did he ask the Syrian people whether they are willing to accept Israel as their “liberator”? This offer also gives credibility to the Syrian government that has been saying Syria has been subjected to a foreign Zionist inspired strategy to dismember it…

Propositions like this are not off-the-cuff remarks. This is a studied and timed statement that tells everyone there is an undisclosed grand strategy involving the talking heads of the Syrian opposition, the neo-conservative American warmongers, and their Zionist expansionist handlers. As far as we know, there has not been a peep of objection to Mr. al-Labwani’s public statements from Arabian officials and the press — from measly Morocco to sadistic Arabia.

Mr. al-Labwani’s traitorous statements appeared in the London al-‘Arab newspaper in the third week of March. In it he says that there is a type of across-the-board agreement inclusive of major powers, senior military officers, and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to have Israel help in the liberation of Syria! He avoided the key words: this is an Israeli-Arabian-American plan of action. Mr. al-Labwani’s statement was timed under the cover of the headline grabbing Ukrainian crisis and following the Syrian military rearrangements dictated by the executive leadership of the Syrian National Coalition meeting in Istanbul in February. One of those arrangements was to replace Syrian General Salim Idris with General ‘Abd al-Ilah al-Bashir as commanding officer of the FSA. Reading the Arab press and the Hebrew press it turns out that General al-Bashir was trained by the Israeli Mossad, after having received treatment at one of Israel’s medical centers. The Syrian opposition was screaming foul about the Syrian regime being in the care of the Israeli regime — now we have proof positive that some segments of the Syrian opposition are in the intensive care of the Israeli regime.

Here is some of what Dr. al-Labwani said, “Israel is an expansionist state as some would say… That is correct… But what are the expansionist capabilities of Israel? A few villages surrounding Jerusalem? Portions of Wadi ‘Arabah? But, then, look at the expansionist capabilities of Iran that have reached Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, and other Gulf countries… So, who is the expansionist state? Iran or Israel?”

Dr. al-Labwani should be sent back to high school. Does he not know that Israel occupies totally or partially other peoples’ sovereign countries: Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon? His future air castle ally Israel is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity in all the countries surrounding it. His chummy Zionist ally has hundreds of nuclear warheads and who knows how much and how lethal its chemical and biological arsenal is.

Dr. al-Labwani, reminiscent of Iraqi traitors who were inching their way into Zionist and imperialist friendship and bonding prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, says, “There is a difference between Israel’s (prior) intrusion into southern Lebanon and its (potential) incursion into Syria. In Lebanon it (Israel) was an occupying force, but when it enters the war in Syria it will do so as a liberating force.”

One would think a nut-case like Dr. al-Labwani would be kicked out of the Syrian coalition post-haste. But no; the whole scenario has been studied from A to Z and has been financed with riyals, dollars, and shekels. The Syrian Coalition and opposition are treating him with deafening silence.

Are we on the verge of an actual Israeli military boots-on-the-ground involvement in the Syrian Arabian civil war? Don’t be surprised if within this fourth year of Syrian self-destruction we see an Arabian-Hebrew joint military command that will throw into Syria military forces from the Saudi-led alignment inclusive of such retainers as Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and even Morocco and Egypt accompanied and commandeered by Israeli forces —moving on Damascus and then spreading throughout the Syrian homeland. The theater of conflict may very well move from northern Syria to southern Syria from this year onward.

Where is the Arabian media? Why don’t they hound al-Labwani and grill him with their questions and shed more light on him with their interviews?

We want to add some observations here:

  1. Where is the Arabian media? Why don’t they hound al-Labwani and grill him with their questions and shed more light on him with their interviews? We can’t expect the Zionist or imperialist media to intellectually hunt down Mr. al-Labwani, as he is one of their functionaries, but what about al-Jazeera, al-‘Arabiyah, etc. Why are they nowhere to be found? Because, they, too, are in on this grand strategy of selling out, not only the Golan Heights but all of historical and geographical Palestine from the Niles to the Euphrates.
  2. If anyone is having any difficulties looking for Zionist Syrian Arabians, here is one of them, preceded by Riyadh Hijab, Manaf Tlas (whose expression is “a warm peace with Israel,” Ahmad al-Jarba, and the rest will come out of their fox holes, sooner or later.
  3. Pro-Zionist Syrian decision-makers go hand-in-hand with human-butchers, cannibals, head choppers, and liver masticating fighters. And they all call themselves mujahidin!
  4. The Syrian spokespersons who want to sell the Golan Heights are in the infamous company of their Egyptian, Jordanian, and Palestinian counterparts who sold and are selling out: al-Quds (Jerusalem), Sina (Sinai), al-Naqab (the Negev), al-Khalil (Hebron), Ramallah, Wadi ‘Arabah, and the West Bank in general.
  5. Mr. al-Labwani reminds us of Mr. Rami Makhlouf who at the beginning of the uprising in Syria made a statement to the effect that Israel should know that its security is contingent upon Syria’s security. In other words, it is in Israel’s best interest to have the Syrian regime stay in power so that an internal change in Syria does not spill over into occupied Palestine. We said it once, and we’ll say it again: the Syrian people are represented neither by the regime nor by the opposition.
  6. The speaking heads of the Syrian rebellion from the beginning demanded the resignation of Bashar al-Asad. They were not interested in “steps toward democracy” or a “transition from a one-party system to a multi-party system” or free and fair elections. Libya serves as a precedent: Qaddafi conceded to most of the demands placed upon him from handing over his nascent nuclear program to paying an astronomical sum for the victims of the PanAm air disaster over Lockerbie, to his son’s liberalization and modernization policies. Qaddafi said he would hold free and fair elections. But nothing satisfied the opposition and their imperialist and Zionist masters (from the Yahudi French Henri Levi to the British and American administrations). They were out to get Qaddafi — dead, not alive — decimate Libya’s insignificant armed forces, and bring Libya within the Zionist-imperialist orbit of interests.

Responsible Syrian officials (and not many of them are) could not see another Libya in Syria. And, by the way, let us be fair to the issue: it is not entirely true that Syria did not carry its share of responsibilities toward the Palestinian issue. It does have a mixed record here; but with the positive and affirmative strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria played a better role than all other Arabian regimes combined. Syria was a major anti-Israeli war combatant during the 1973 war (even though that war turned out to be a prompt for the Egyptian regime’s Camp David surrender.) Syrian Ba‘th officials are convinced that Syria alone cannot take on Israel and win. What a difference between them and Hizbullah. For anyone who cares to review the progress of the 1973 October war, the Syrian army actually liberated most of the Golan Heights in the initial phase of the war.

That was reversed when Egyptian president Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat stopped the war, allowing the Israelis to concentrate their forces on the Syrian front, resulting in the reoccupation of the Golan. During a 1978 short war over Lebanon, the Syrian armed forces lost around 70 fighter jets in one day —mostly over Lebanon — simply because Israeli military technology was generations ahead of Syria’s outdated Russian military equipment. The Israeli pilots could see the Syrian pilots while the Syrian pilots could not see their adversaries.

Syria — truth be said — supported Israel’s nemesis Hizbullah on orders from Islamic Iran. And Hizbullah is the only force that has frustrated and defeated the Israeli occupation armed forces. Syria built missile production centers, a secret nuclear site. All these things were never thought of, much less attempted, by the loudmouth petro-Arabians. These super-rich Arabian do-nothings would not contribute to the Syrian war effort in any significant way. Adding all this up, the secular Ba‘thists concluded they cannot fight a winning war with Israel which is blindly supported by the world’s sole superpower.

What if Islamic Iran was in the process of Hizbullahizing Syria? What if Islamic Iran is consolidating a mass of Muslims from the steppes of Asia to the shores of the Mediterranean? What if Islamic Iran was solidifying Shi‘is and Sunnis for the foreseeable liberation of the Holy Land? What if and if?

I reckon some people do know what is happening and others don’t. And until the don’ts catch up with the dos we will have traitors, betrayers, and fifth columnists. Included are Mr. al-Labwani and his munafiq variety.

O you who are secure in your commitment [to Allah’s power and authority]! Do not have Zionists and imperialists as your allies, for they are each other’s allies; and whoever of you [the committed Muslims] does so, becomes one of them. Indeed, Allah does not guide people of injustice and oppression (5:51).

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