Sickly Saint, Likely a Healthy Hypocrite

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Shawwal 17, 1439 2018-07-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 5, Shawwal, 1439)

The anguish and affliction that come from — of all people — some “Islamists” in Arab countries or other “Islamists” who studied and spent time in Wahhabi-financed madrasahs and religious institutions require psychiatric treatment on both sides: their side and the listener/viewer’s side. Truly, they are living in a mental desert. Some of these Islamic “da‘is” and characters have social media followers in the millions! This is not an exaggeration. As I write this article I’m at odds with myself about whether to mention some names! After much deliberation and reflection, I have decided to reveal the identity of some of them.

One of them is very well known in the Arabic speaking world: Dr. ‘Adnan Ibrahim. Truth be said, he is eloquent and outspoken, boasting a deep storage capacity of historical names and events; a researcher of topics that many enlightened Muslims want to avoid; and an evolving media magnet — of sorts. When he first appeared on the worldwide web and YouTube several years ago he captured the imagination of many forward looking Muslims. Numerous information-starved Muslims were seeking answers to the sundry issues posed by modernization and Westernization. Dr. ‘Adnan Ibrahim filled the gap and provided answers to such religious, philosophical, historical, and ideological issues; these included the relationship between Sunnis and Shi‘is, the debates between the Ash‘aris and the Mu‘tazilis, the early diversion of Muslims that resulted in battles within the house of Islam, current affairs and events engulfing the Muslim populations from Muslims in the East to Muslims in the West, etc.

For those who do not know this straight-talking person, he is Palestinian by birth, traveled to Yugoslavia (before its demise) to obtain a medical degree, but did not finish that task, and then finally turned to Islamic and social studies, getting his degree in Austria.

What concerns us here are his recent comments about Islamic Iran as well as his remarks about un-Islamic Saudi Arabia. This otherwise warehouse of knowledge describes the politics of Islamic Iran as being “dirty,” seeking to tear the “Arabs” apart! This characterization is not new. There are many Arabian politicians and journalists who have been disgorging the same accusation from the first day of the Islamic Revolution in Iran almost 40 years ago. We expected ‘Adnan Ibrahim to be more mature than to stoop down into the temperament of Arabian officials and paid mouthpieces that have perfected the art of defaming Islamic Iran and all other sincere Islamic efforts on the road to Islamic self-determination. For those who have fallen into the trap of this accusatory propaganda we should remind them that Islamic Iran is not playing dirty politics and does not wish for the Arab people to be divided. Islamic Iran is pursuing Islamic purposes of justice represented first and foremost by the undoing of the Zionist colonization of the Holy Land. And if all the Arabian governments were united in that effort, they would realize that Islamic Iran is their mainstay and moral fiber toward that consensual goal.

Another canard that this bright Islamic speaker falls into is his complaint that there is no Sunni masjid in Tehran. Unlike other pawns who recap such propaganda with nefarious sectarian intents and purposes, ‘Adnan Ibrahim says it free of sectarianism but (and he should know this) it serves sectarian tenacities. If we were to begin to describe masjids as Shi‘is and Sunni, then one may counter his assertion and ask, “Where are the Shi‘i masjids in Makkah? Or Madinah? Or even Riyadh?

He repeats the official Arabian canard that Iran is occupying three islands in the Arabian/Persian Gulf that belong to the United Arab(ian) Emirates, and that Iran is occupying Arab territory that he calls Arabistan (the ideological and official Ba‘thi terminology for the area in southwestern Iran). He should know that all Muslim countries’ boundaries (with very few exceptions) were drawn by the colonialists and imperialists who were militarily triumphant in the first and second world wars. Why is he and his likes so fixated on three islands and not on the Zionist theft of the Holy Land? His using the phrase “Iran occupies…” is just another way of distracting public attention from “Israel occupies…”

He says that Iran is pursuing a policy of fragmenting the Arab world. The Arab world has been and continues to be fragmented by Britain, France, the USA, and Israel. Islamic Iran is working on uniting the landmass between it and the Zionist war criminals in the Holy Land so that the Muslims and the Arabs will finally be relieved of the illegal Zionist presence there.

The bright ‘Adnan Ibrahim of a few years ago has morphed into an off-the-record spokesperson for the king, kingdom, and crown prince of the Zionist-imperialist spearhead, otherwise known as Saudi Arabia. He calls MBS “his highness the prince”; and he reiterates that he is a prince whether we like it or not, whether we agree with it or not!!

The plot gets thicker. Hizb al-Nur in Egypt (with strings, ropes, and chains attached to Saudi Arabia), the official Salafi-Wahhabi party, votes and supports the dictator ‘Abd al-Fatta˙ al-Sisi. And speculation has it that Hizb al-Nur is in runner-up position for cabinet appointments in the coup-regime in Egypt. Nadir Bakkar, a Salafi figure in Egypt, is reported to have had a meeting with Tzipi Livni. Mu˙ammad ‘Ali Goma‘a makes his rounds within certain countries to lay the mental ground work for a grand reconciliation between Muslims and Zionists.

Shaykh al-Habib ‘Ali al-Jifri, the illustrious “Sufi” from Yemen, was brought into the worldwide Saudi-Emirati-Israeli-American grand plan to finalize Trump’s deal of the century by selling out the Palestinians and the Holy Land. Dr. Muhammad Ahmad al-Tayyib, “al-Imam al-Akbar,” was presented with Shaykh Zayed’s yearly cultural award as another step in promoting certain personalities who will rubber-stamp the final official Arabian capitulation to the Zionist colonialist criminals.

Regrettably, another public figure who has been corralled into this “deal of the century” is Shaykh Hamza Yusuf — the White House Sufi whose mentor ‘Abdullah ibn Bayyah from Mauritania was previously associated with Shaykh al-Qardawi. He is now reported to be in one capacity or another in the US Department of State. Hamza Yusuf has been in and out of the petro-orbit in the past couple of decades and now, more and more, his presentations are in sync with the looming “deal of the century.” He says, “Our din orders us not to defy our rulers! And they [the takfiris] are revolting against the rulers everywhere… that is a catastrophe…”

The catastrophe is that the Zionists and imperialists have trapped us between the passivity of the Sufis and the barbarity of the Salafis. The Sufis are coached (politically, educationally, and socially) by their contacts (centered nowadays in the United Arab(ian) Emirates) into indifferent and unfriendly positions vis-à-vis the Salafis. Likewise, the Salafis/Wahhabis/Ikhwanis are placed by their contacts (centered nowadays in Qatar and Turkey) in battlefronts to kill anyone in their way — to even kill their own types when they do not agree on a certain tactic or strategy. Syria and Iraq are strewn with the bodies of every Muslim who is not included in their fold.

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf in an interview said, “It is the UAE who chose me; I did not choose it” (I wish he would have had the nerve to tell us why he was the chosen one, what he was chosen for, and why he did not refuse to be chosen — but we are sure the near future will give us an answer).

In the larger picture we encounter Fethullah Gulen who through his CIA and American intelligence contacts is tied in with the Sisi regime. Gulen’s right-hand man, Mustafa Ozjan, is deep into the Egyptian-Gulen link. This was disclosed by the ex-Turkish minister of religious affairs.

Add to the above the fact that there are Jordanian officers attending courses in the US on American military bases (US central army chaplain) who are concerned with training and indoctrinating Jordanian military recruits in the meaning of “true Islam” and how to combat Islamic extremism. Among them is Yahyå al-Ba††ush, the grand mufti of the Jordanian armed forces! And the first graduate of the US Army’s Chaplain Officers leader course, 2nd Lieutenant Akram Mu߆afå Freihat, will chiefly be assigned to combat Islamic extremism — the same Islamic extremism that was taught and exported from America’s proxy, Saudi Arabia. The Zionists and imperialists are teaching Muslims extremism and then they teach them how to combat extremism! And the amateurish and salaried Muslims follow the Zionist inspired instructions uncritically.

‘Ali Goma‘a and al-Habib ‘Ali al-Jifri both went to al-Quds and justified their presence there by obtaining visas that were not stamped on their passports!! ‘Amr Khalid (the TV da‘i celebrity) said in one of his speeches that al-Masjid al-Aqßå was built on a site where a Jewish person erected his house! A very roundabout way of saying that al-Masjid al-Aqsa is built on Jewish territory!

I think that by now the Zionist “Muslims” have exposed themselves. And all the mainstream media misinformation and hoopla against the budding Islamic self-determination beginning in Iran is meant to shield the Israeli Zionist regime from the popular Islamic tide that will sweep the separatist Sufis and the cut-off takfiris along with their Zionist mentors and hegemonistic tutors into the abyss of bygone history,

O our Sustainer! Forgive us our sins, as well as those of our brethren who preceded us in divine responsibilities, and let not our hearts entertain any unworthy thoughts of feelings against [any of] those who have committed themselves [to You]. O our Sustainer! Certainly, You are compassionate, very merciful (59:10).

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