Six-year-old Palestinian boy stabbed to death by anti-Muslim bigot in the US

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Rabi' al-Awwal 30, 1445 2023-10-15

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by Crescent International

Six-year-old Palestinian child stabbed 26 times by an American anti-muslim zionist bigot

You Muslims must die”, screamed 71-year-old Joseph M. Czuba as he stabbed a 6-year-old Palestinian boy and his mother in Plainfield, outside Chicago.

The murdered boy, Wadea Al-Fayoume, died of his wounds while his 32-year-old is in serious but stable condition.

The child was stabbed 26 times with a military-style knife at his Plainfield home just before 11:40 am on October 14.

The 71-yer-old murderer Joseph M. Czuba arrived at the family home and rang the door bell.

The mother opened the door.

The attacker, who is the family’s landlord, started to stab her violently screaming, “You Muslims must die.”

The seriously injured mother ran inside to call 911.

Czuba, meanwhile attacked the child with the knife stabbing him 26 times.

The 71-year-old is now charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and two counts of committing a hate crime.

Joseph Czuba is being held at Will County’s Adult Detention facility.

The victims are Palestinian.

The murdered boy’s father came forward to say the child had only two weeks earlier celebrated his sixth birthday.

While America is a violent society and murders are rampant, this particular one is especially gruesome because the victim was an innocent 6-year-old child.

This murder, however, did not occur in a vacuum or was just random killing.

Since the intensification of conflict in Palestine, the entire American establishment has gone into frenzy vilifying and demonizing Palestinians and Muslims.

Joe Biden, the American president, has not only been screaming against Hamas, he has even told blatant lies about them.

The most egregious lie has been that Hamas had beheaded 40 Israeli babies.

He went so far as to claim that he had seen pictures of beheaded babies.

When the Washington Post contacted the White House to share those pictures, the paper was told that the president had not seen any such pictures.

Instead, he based his statement on what the Israeli prime minister had told him.

Biden can now see the pictures of a six-year-old Palestinian child stabbed 26 times by one of his own citizens.

Will he condemn such barbarism against an innocent child, an American citizen albeit of Palestinian origin, murdered in the US?

It is highly unlikely much less his visiting the family in Chicago. After all, they are Palestinian.

Other US officials including Senator Lindsey Graham have issued blood-curdling threats against the Palestinians.

The US media without exception has joined this crusade, with every outlet trying to outbid others in who can utter the most outrageous profanities against the Palestinians.

It is not surprising that racists and bigots like Czuba would indulge in their criminal act.

Muslim organizations had warned of just such a threat.

The murder of an innocent Palestinian child is not only heart-breaking but is the direct result of the hate-filled rhetoric of the likes of Biden, Graham, Nikki Hailey, Antony Blinken and other American politicians.

While the zionists in occupied Palestine are blowing young children and babies to pieces with their American-supplied bombs, Americans in the US are stabbing Palestinian children to death.

Being a Muslim and Palestinian is now enough to be murdered in cold blood in the US.

Six-year-old Wadea Al-Fayoume is the latest victim of this hatred but he is not likely to be the last.

American criminality knows no bounds.

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