Terrorists’ US-Saudi Supplied Chemical Lab Found in Ghouta

Alleged use of chemical weapons: pretext to launch invasion
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Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Rajab 14, 1439 2018-04-01

News & Analysis

by Yusuf Dhia-Allah (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 2, Rajab, 1439)

The US-manufactured Hill-Rom air or gas compression unit on the lab's main floor / © Sharmine Narwani

Western regimes led by the US and its Arabian puppets have made no secret of their “regime change” plot in Syria. Their recent hysterical denunciations of Syrian army advances, with the help of Russia, into Eastern Ghouta had a more specific purpose.

They wanted to hide their dirty secret. As the Syrian army liberated some farmlands between al-Shifouniyeh and Duma, it discovered a well-equipped chemical laboratory run by Saudi-backed Jaysh al-Islam terrorists.

The Syrian government invited Western journalists to visit the site. Nobody showed up. This is not surprising since the discovery of a chemical weapons lab run by their favorite terrorists would not fit into the narrative of demonizing the Syrian government. Only a few weeks earlier, the terrorists had accused the Syrian government of using “sarin” gas in al-Shifouniyeh! Now the terrorists were caught red-handed.

The Zionists are also neck deep in the conspiracy in Syria. They back the terrorists and have expressed great concern that their defeat in Eastern Ghouta would pose a threat to Israel. The Jerusalem Post on March 14 was quite candid about it, “The fall of Ghouta threatens Israel-US interests and the West”. Those naive Muslims that still believe what is going on in Syria is the people’s struggle for their rights may never learn. Whether they know it or not, they are acting as agents of imperialism and Zionism!

Sharmine Narwani, one of the Muslim East’s best-informed analysts, went to Ghouta to see the chemical lab. This is what she found, “It’s a newish looking piece of equipment with ‘Hill-Rom Medaes Medplus Air Plant’ written on its front. A cursory Google search pulls up several interesting facts immediately — the machine is some kind of air or gas compressor, it’s a US-manufactured product, and Saudi Arabia put out tenders for this device in 2015.”

Ms. Narwani found some other interesting details,

A list of numbers and phone extensions taped to the wall confirms that this area — and the lab — was controlled by Jaysh al-Islam, a Saudi-backed terrorist group whose political figurehead Mohammad Al-loush was once invited to head up the opposition delegation at UN-sponsored Geneva talks.

The Saudis have been caught out many times during this conflict for diverting equipment and weapons to the Syrian battlefield — purchases that were intended by the seller to be used only by a Saudi end-user. The Hill-Rom compressor, like most Western scientific equipment, would have been banned for sale to Syria under tight sanctions laws. Even if not created for military purposes, many such products are viewed by US officials as featuring “dual-use” technologies.

Those interested in getting further details can read Sharmine Narwani’s full report through the link.

With Syrian army ad-vances, the evacuation of civilians from liberated areas began on March 15. In 10 days, more than 100,000 had been brought to safety from the towns of Hamouriyah, Harasta, and surrounding areas. Only Duma remained under terrorist control as CI went to press. The humanitarian corridors set up by Syria and Russia were being bombed by the terrorists, aided and abetted by their Western masters, to prevent civilians from leaving. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was able to deliver food to terrorist-controlled Duma using one of these corridors.

Even as civilians — women, children, and men — expressed relief at being rescued from the clutches of the terrorists who had held them hostage and were using them as human shields, Western media outlets did not let up in their anti-Asad propaganda. Canada’s publicly-funded broadcaster, the CBC, on March 15 showed civilians expressing relief at being rescued and said the “rebels” had raped and tortured them (25% of women and girls rescued from the terrorists said they had been raped!). But the CBC immediately cut in to broadcast UN allegations of “regime brutality”! Testimony of civilians just rescued had no value, as far as the CBC was concerned.

There was more obscene propaganda from other media outlets including the Guardian’s Middle East correspondent whose March 15 piece is typical. Martin Chulov wrote, “The beginning of the end for Ghouta came first with a trickle. Desperate, hungry and scared, Syria’s newest displaced people walked a journey into the unknown, past Russian military police, toward loyalist soldiers who started checking names.”

According to Sharmine Narwani, the chemical facility, in an area that was recently liberated, was only a few dozen meters away from the military frontline. The lab is surrounded by farmlands — the last place one would expect to find this stash — and the fields full of wheat, green peas, beans and chickpeas are scattered liberally in a conflict area Western media has dubbed a “starvation siege.” But the sight inside was even more astounding: upper rooms packed with electronic hardware, basements outfitted with large boilers, shelves filled with chemical substances, corners heaving with blue and black canisters (reportedly containing a chlorine compound of some sort), chemistry charts, books, beakers, vials, test tubes, and all the paraphernalia familiar to the average chemistry student; and then, in several corners, piles of pipe-shaped projectiles — clear munitions of some sort.

Chulov totally ignored the emotional scenes of civilians crying and the relief they felt after being rescued from the clutches of the terrorists who had held them hostage for years. And he also ignored the fact that the Syrian army had the duty to ensure terrorists were not sneaking out disguised as civilians.

There is a separate agreement offered to the terrorists — yes even the terrorists — who if they want a safe passage out of Eastern Ghouta to Idlib, they can do so under Russian-Syrian escort. Thousands of terrorists have already accepted the offer realizing the futility of their situation in Ghouta.

How did Chulov sitting in London determine that Syrian civilians were walking “into the unknown”? Did civilians who had been rescued on previous occasions from Homs, East Aleppo, Raqqa, etc. by the Syrian army face any problems? A visit to East Aleppo liberated from the terrorists in December 2016, will reveal the true picture. Once the terrorists were driven out of East Aleppo — some were even given safe passage under a Russian-Iranian-Turkish brokered agreement to prevent further bloodshed — civilians rushed to greet the Syrian army as well as go over to West Aleppo to meet loved ones. Today, East and West Aleppo are united and the city is a hive of activity. People have resumed normal life after living several years of hell under terrorist occupation.

The terrorists had stored large quantities of food for themselves while starving the civilian population in East Aleppo. And contrary to Western propaganda, there were not 400,000 civilians — the same number being trotted out for Eastern Ghouta today — but around 92,000.

Under intense Western propaganda, many people including some well-meaning Muslims have been hoodwinked into believing that hundreds of thousands of civilians in Eastern Ghouta need to be “saved” from Syrian and Russian aerial bombardment. The Syrian air force has been dropping leaflets, not bombs, to inform civilians about the humanitarian corridors. Besides, why would the Syrian army want to bomb civilians when its fight is with the terrorists?

As the Syrian army makes steady progress against terrorists in Duma and other parts of Eastern Ghouta, Western propaganda intensifies. Pictures of Israeli bombing of Gaza and US bombing of Mosul have been used to allege these are from Ghouta. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the reality and are easily duped into believing such propaganda.

The West’s aim is not — and has never been — to rescue or save civilians. After all, almost all refugees in the world are the direct result of Western militaristic policies in Muslim countries. Refugees are being used as pawns in a propaganda campaign to discredit the Syrian government with the ultimate aim of overthrowing it. This now looks increasingly unlikely but the West led by the US is not giving up.

Calls for ceasefire and to stop the bombing of terrorist strongholds in Eastern Ghouta, even if well intentioned and the result of humanitarian concerns, ignore a fundamental point. The ceasefire that went into effect following Security Council Resolution 2401 of February 24 explicitly excludes terrorist groups. These include Faylaq al-Rahman (in Hamouriyah), Jaysh al-Islam, Hay’ah Tahrir al-Sham, Ahrar al-Sham, and Jabhah Fath al-Sham, commonly known as al-Nusrah Front as well as “all other individuals, groups, undertakingsm and entities associated with terrorist groups.”

The reason is clear. When Eastern Ghouta fell to the terrorists in 2012, they used it as a launching pad to fire US and Saudi-supplied mortars and missiles at the 8 million residents of Damascus. Markets, schools, and hospitals have been targeted but such crimes are not condemned. Instead they are presented as “proof” that the Syrian government has no control and cannot defend even its capital city.

There is no concern for the civilians of Damascus. Civilian lives have never mattered for the West; they are used merely for propaganda purposes. The same is true about repeated allegations against the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons. No proof has been provided; none is deemed necessary even when top Western officials — US Defence Secretary James Mattis (press conference, February 2) and his French counterpart Florence Parlys (YouTube video, “France Defense Minister: No confirmation of chlorine attacks, Syria,” The Indicter Channel, February 9, 2018) — have admitted there is no conclusive proof of Syrian government’s use of sarin gas or other chemical weapons!

Why would the Syrian government want to use chemical weapons against its own people at a time when the military situation is in its favor and terrorists are being defeated in Eastern Ghouta? Only the terrorists would benefit from the use of such weapons, both for military as well as propaganda purposes by blaming the government. The allegations are all part of the same Western propaganda that has been used in the past to justify the West’s war crimes (remember Iraq’s WMDs).

While the Syrian army continues mopping up operations against the terrorists, external powers maintain their illegal occupation of parts of Syria. The Zionists have established a 40-km “buffer zone” north of the illegally occupied Golan Heights. They are using the same terrorist groups that are fighting the Syrian government.

The US has illegally and without the permission of the Syrian government established 20 military bases in Syria. The Syrian government has denounced US bases as illegal and an infringement of its sovereignty. On March 16, Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said the US was in “no hurry to leave Syria.” Within days he was out of a job. Trump fired him on March 22 replacing him with war criminal John Bolton. McMaster’s firing, however, does not affect the Americans’ illegal presence in Syria. They act as outlaws and gangsters.

Aware of this reality, Iran, Russia, and Turkey pledged at the Astana talks on March 16 to guarantee Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Unlike the UN supervised talks, the Astana talks have achieved notable success by establishing a number of deconfliction zones in Syria.

It is interesting to note that such terrorist supporters as the US and Saudi Arabia have been pointedly kept out of the Astana talks. Since they are primarily responsible for the mayhem and bloodshed in Syria, their exclusion would give peace a greater chance of being established. The traumatized people of Syria deserve no less. At the same time, it is crucial that people, especially Muslims elsewhere, get their facts right.

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