Terrorists use chemical weapons against civilians in Aleppo

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Rajab 01, 1437 2016-04-08

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by Crescent International

On the run from the Syrian army and its allies, the takfiri terrorists have once again resorted to using chemical weapons. There is, however, no condemnation of such crimes from the UN, the US or other Western do-gooders. Their only mantra is, 'Asad must go'. He is not going anywhere, primarily because the Syrian people do not want him to go, seeing what the alternative would be: head-choppers and organ eaters!

Friday April 08, 2016, 10:03 DST

Unable to confront the advancing Syrian army and its allies, the takfiri terrorists (aka ISIS/ISIL or Da’esh) have resorted to using chemical weapons in Aleppo.

The hardest hit area is the Sheikh Maqsood sector of the city that is under Kurdish control. The Kurds are allied with government forces. One of the terrorist groups, Jaysh al-Islam, has admitted using chemical weapons after the reports emerged. Horrific images of people suffering the effects of chlorine gas have been shown on RT, Russian TV.

Iran’s Press TV has obtained footage of the chemical attack with orange smoke billowing out of buildings hit by chemical weapons.


Orange smoke is the telltale sign of chemical weapons, especially chlorine. Ordinary shells produce white or black smoke.

While the takfiri terrorists Daesh and al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front are excluded from the ceasefire agreement that went into effect on February 27, even other groups that had signed onto the ceasefire have violated it.

These other groups are America’s ‘moderate’ rebels. There is nothing ‘moderate’ about using chemical weapons that are banned under the Geneva Conventions and constitute war crimes.

Despite such egregious crimes, there has been no comment much less condemnation from the likes of UN Special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura or UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, is not going to froth at the mouth when his own pet terrorists indulge in such crimes. Turkey led by the self-styled absolute dictator Recep Tayip Erdogan has provided these chemical weapons to the terrorists.

There is a long history to Turkish misdemeanor. The August 2013 Ghouta chemical attack was also traced to weapons provided by Turkey. Together with the Saudis, Turkey had hoped to lure the US into attacking Syria. President Barack Obama had declared the use of chemical weapons (by government forces, of course) as a ‘red line’.

American generals with itchy fingers on the trigger were all ready to start bombing another Muslim country back to the Stone Age when British lab analysis confirmed that the ingredients did not match those of chemical weapons in Syrian military arsenal.

There was of course not even criticism of the terrorists or their backers—Turkey and Saudi Arabia—for such crimes. After all, America’s allies can do not wrong.

In Syria, all the talk is about regime change and who will follow after President Bashar al Asad. His resignation is not part of the negotiations, albeit indirect, in Geneva under UN auspices to find a political solution to the five-year-long imposed war on Syria.

Asad has announced parliamentary elections for April 13 and has even said he is prepared to hold snap presidential elections if the Syrian people want them. He has called for all groups that are serious about finding a political solution to participate in elections.

The war on Syria was launched five years ago to overthrow Asad’s government in order to weaken the resistance front to imperialist-Zionist machinations in the region. While Asad has maintained his hold on power, Syria as a country has been virtually destroyed.

The US-Saudi-Turkish-Zionist-backed terrorists are getting desperate, hence their repeated use of chemical weapons.

It is not only interesting but also ironic that the one regime—that of the Saudis—are the most vociferous in demanding elections and plurality in Syria.

In Saudi Arabia, anyone calling for reforms, elections or plurality would soon find their head on the chopping block!


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