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Rabi' al-Awwal 21, 1442 2020-11-07

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Donald Trump will not be a two-term selected president, after all.

Nevertheless, post-election, Trump will be as big a problem, if not bigger, to the US political system than he is now.

While he is an ignorant bigot and narcissist, he is also a non-establishment person.

And more than 70 million Americans support him.

A society raised on Jerry Springer-type shows can relate to Trump’s shallowness far better than to the semi-intellectual jargon of arrogance driven Democratic Party establishment.

So, what will Trump do after he is dragged out of the White House, kicking and screaming?

He is likely to utilize his huge support base to create as many obstacles as possible for the new regime.

It will be quite similar to what the liberal spectrum of the US political elite have been doing to him.

Trump, however, will be attacking the very foundations of the US state.

This is not how US politicians operate.

Ex-presidents usually join the speech-giving circus for hefty fees.

Trump will do this as well, but he will be utilizing his speeches to discredit the entire US system.

For four years, an ignoramus like Trump had access to the darkest secrets of the deep state.

It would not be surprising to learn if Trump has photocopied some of the secret documents to use in his forthcoming memoirs that naturally will be written for him.

Most former US presidents are professional politicians. They understand that certain state related boundaries cannot be crossed.

Trump is a showman. He does not care about state matters.

He is in the game for himself.

He would not hesitate to sell even his wife or children if that would benefit him personally.

Trump’s support base will view his damning revelations about the inner workings of the US regime as part of his non-establishment leader brand.

While former presidents would fear losing their reputation among their support base by spilling the beans, Trump will gain credibility among his.

People outside the US will benefit from learning the real facts about the dark schemes of the US deep state.

Thus, Trump should be encouraged to publish a book about his time as president in order to get a better sense of how the Washington establishment operates.

Trump’s memoirs will be the juiciest and the most scandalous account of US presidency ever published.

It cannot be ruled out that Trump may attempt to blackmail the US establishment if they decide to prosecute him.

He can threaten to make damning accusations against various political institutions.

The problem for the next US regime is not that Trump will be making such accusations. The real fear is that anything he says will be accepted as truth by tens of millions of his supporters.

It’s a social group that believes the outrageous rumors spread by QAnon.

If in one- or two-years Trump announces that he had seen documents implicating the CIA in Kennedy’s assassination, millions of Americans will accept it without questioning it.

Post-presidency Trump will continue to be a reckless political force.

Thankfully, he will only create havoc inside the US and not abroad.

For once at least, the world will be relatively safe from America’s horrendous crimes.

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