Was Kylie Moore-Gilbert a Mossad agent?

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Rabi' al-Thani 18, 1442 2020-12-03

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by Crescent International

Is it a mere coincidence that two days after Iran released Kylie Moore-Gilbert in exchange for three Iranians held abroad, Iran’s top scientist was assassinated in Tehran?

According to the Iranian authorities, Moore-Gilbert, an Australian-British citizen, had entered Iran under the cover of academic work.

She was arrested for collecting intelligence information for Israel, duly tried and sentenced according to Iranian law.

While the Australian government claimed she was an ‘academic’ and not an Israeli spy, it failed to explain that her boyfriend is an Israeli citizen.

Given that Israel regularly uses other countries’ passports to gain entry into countries that have no diplomatic ties with the Zionist state, Moore-Gilbert’s activities raise serious questions.

Israel has a long history of using Australian citizens for spying and assassination missions abroad.

In 2013, the case of Ben Zygier, an Australian citizen, was widely reported after he committed suicide in an Israeli prison.

A book published in 2014 revealed Zygier’s involvement with Mossad’s operations against Islamic Iran.

In 2010, during the assassination of Palestinian Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, Zionist agents had used three Australian passports when they committed the crime.

Australia of course never held Israel to account for such illegal and criminal acts.

Why would it? After all, Israel is the West’s beachhead in the Middle East and serves Western imperial interests against Muslims.

Had a Muslim or anti-imperialist country utilized Australian passports, Canberra would have turned the issue into a political scandal.

There would be calls for punishing the offending country.

The 2010 and 2013 instances of Israel using Australia as a cover to commit criminal acts raise serious questions about Moore-Gilbert and her utility for Zionist Israel.

It is revealing that the 2010 and 2013 Israeli crimes were completely absent from Western media reports when highlighting Moore-Gilbert’s case.

Her ‘innocence’ was the default assumption.

Even the highly analytical Washington-based al-monitor.com that peddles sophisticated pro-Western propaganda in the Muslim world, adopted a Fox News-style sloganeering tone when reporting on the recent prisoner exchange.

Al-monitor.com turned itself into a judicial expert, as if it has access to all legal documents of Westerners detained in Iran.

It concluded that “there are several high-profile cases of other foreigners detained in Iran on dubious charges…”

How did al-monitor arrive such a conclusion?

Whenever Muslims are detained by Western regimes on terrorism charges, the corporate media adopts the regimes’ official narrative.

The corporate media rarely investigates whether those Muslims were victims of Islamophobia or political prisoners.

Who is unaware of the horrors inflicted on Muslim detainees in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison or the still-open torture camp at Guantanamo Bay?

More than 18 years after Guantanamo was opened and held nearly 700 prisoners that underwent horrific torture, not one detainee has been convicted of any crime.

For the record, the youngest prisoner was a 12-year-old Afghan boy and the oldest a 70-year-old Afghan farmer.

Last month, the Australian Defence Force chief, General Angus Campbell admitted to the shameful record of his country’s special forces killing Afghan civilians, including children.

Arrest of Westerners in Muslim countries, especially in Iran, which is at the epicenter of Western political and intelligence sabotage is by default covered as an arrest of an innocent person.

The fact that Western regimes released three Iranians detained abroad and Islamic Iran did not publicize their identity, does hint at a possibility that the exchange was of one intelligence operative for three Iranian ones.

The latest release of Iranian nationals once again confirms the reality that Western regimes respect the position of strength above everything else.

Would the three Iranians have been released without a prisoner swap, especially a high value Israeli intelligence operative?

Tehran is not Amman or Riyadh where Western regimes can call and demand unconditional privileges for their citizens.

Iran’s principled independence was once again confirmed by the recent exchange of prisoners.

But there is a long way to go. Islamic Iran has to settle a lot of scores for the terrorist acts of the US and Zionist regimes.

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