Week of information disasters for apartheid Israel

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Crescent International

Safar 11, 1444 2022-09-07

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Ariel Koren, a Jewish employee of Google, quit her job because of what she claimed to be the media platform’s practice of silencing Palestinian activism.

She further said Google is cooperating with the Israeli military.

This will have broader negative repercussions on Israel’s soft-power and media manipulation efforts.

According to reports in multiple international news outlets, Google, Amazon and the Israeli military are involved in a $1.2bn project named ‘Project Nimbus’.

Considering Google’s almost unmatched power in providing information to the world, it is understandable why Israel is interested in winning over Google.

Israeli cooperation with Google is not purely business.

A regime officially labeled as apartheid by leading international human rights organizations would be a PR disaster for any profit seeking international business organization.

To put it into perspective, imagine the headlines if Google entered into a similar collaboration right now with Russia.

Therefore, an assumption that Google is simply doing business minus the political aspect is not true.

Multiple analysts and researchers have pointed out for years that Israeli propaganda is a total failure.

Our analysis of Israeli propaganda efforts over the past couple of years indicates that the zionist entity has almost lost hope in being able to turn the information warfare in its favor at the international level.

An indicator of how poorly Israel is doing in terms of its propaganda was the implicit admission in 2021 by the former Israeli ambassador in Washington Ron Dermer.

He said that American Jews don’t form the backbone of Israel’s supporters and are one of its fiercest critics.

Whenever opponents of Israel come to expose Israel’s manipulation of information in the global arena, apartheid Israel cries “conspiracy theory” or anti-Semitism.

Koren’s courageous public move provides further proof that Israeli information manipulation is real and what sets it apart from states like North Korea or Russia is that zionist Israel has friends in high places.

While this reality gives Israel some short-term operational advantage, its long-term negative repercussion is that it will undermine the credibility of whatever narrative Israel puts forward in the future.

Israeli narrative will be seen as some sort of an information plot to misrepresent reality and be taken with a great deal of skepticism.

Just a few days after Koren publicly called out Google for its pro-Israeli bias, Al Jazeera reported that “a German court ruled that the dismissal of Palestinian-Jordanian journalist Farah Maraqa by the German state-owned broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) on charges of anti-Semitism was legally unjustified.”

While the ruling in Germany will not have immediate impact on the rogue behavior of Israel and its lobby, the ruling is essentially another political defeat for the zionist entity.

As Israel is highly dependent on western political, military, and economic support, these types of public relations fiascos are going to discourage at least some western organizations, be they media, academic or political, from defending apartheid Israel at any cost.

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