Western-backed Hong Kong Protests aimed at undermining China

Crescent International

Safar 08, 1441 2019-10-07

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

The protests in Hong Kong have lost their specific objectives and morphed into anti-China disruptions by a highly Westernized population.

While the Western media hype-up the protests and often ignore protester-instigated violence, there is no doubt that many people in Hong Kong have bought into the West’s secular-liberal worldview.

Since Hong Kong was handed over to China in 1997 after British rule that lasted 99 years, it appears the Chinese government has not been able to project its soft-power appeal there. The massive numbers of protesters whose sincere intentions are being manipulated by Western powers, genuinely believe in their anti-China cause.

The main reason for the West’s continuing soft-power appeal in Hong Kong is due to its hedonistic culture that caters to the base instincts of people.

For instance, a person can enter a buffet and easily consume huge amounts of meat and sugary drinks, but it requires a higher level of intellect and stronger willpower to have a balanced and healthy diet.

Nevertheless, the land of Taoism and Confucius has not mustered enough foresight to instill higher values in its population.

Instead, the “communist” party of China sees it as more important to imitate the Western ideology of unlimited consumption.

This perhaps partly explains China’s fear of Islam, as Beijing clearly recognizes Islam’s highly attractive soft-power capabilities in reconfiguring a society.

Beijing adopted the field of economics as an ideology and approaches its geopolitics and soft-power through the transactional mindset of a merchant mentality.

This simplistic worldview has created a situation where some protesters in Hong Kong wave US flags.

This is quite embarrassing for Chinese ambitions to potentially replace the US as the next superpower.

Beijing is willing to compromise its societal independence for economic benefits brought in by Western presence.

China’s wealthy elite do not send their children to schools principled on traditional Chinese philosophy, but eagerly spend huge sums on education systems rooted in post-modernist Western worldview.

Crescent International has highlighted on numerous occasions that China is a regional power and lacks political and diplomatic prudence to replace the US.

Protests in Hong Kong offer proof that China’s emphasis on adopting consumerism and consumption as primary social values have made it vulnerable to Western destabilization attempts.


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