What awaits Israeli troops if they launch a ground invasion of Gaza?

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Rabi' al-Awwal 30, 1445 2023-10-15

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by Crescent International

For several days Israeli military spokesmen have been breathing fire about launching a ground invasion of Gaza.

Western media outlets have similarly painted doomsday scenarios for Hamas and the Palestinian people once Israel unleashes its military might.

So we are told.

On October 14, media outlets quoting the New York Times said, Israel's ground invasion has been "postponed due to bad weather."

This was reported by a number of media outlets, including Yahoo News.

So, how likely is an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza?

Zionist Israel has amassed some 300,000 troops and hundreds of tanks along the fence border with Gaza.

What would a ground invasion achieve that Israel’s murderous aerial bombardment has failed to do so in more than a week?

The zionists are extremely good at killing civilians, especially women and children.

Since October 7, they have murdered more than 600 children and almost the same number of women.

Gaza’s total death toll has surpassed 3,400 and more than 9,000 have been injured.

Entire neighbourhoods have been wiped out.

Clearly, these casualties have not satiated the zionists’ blood lust.

The zionists have also shut off water, food, medicines, fuel and electricity to Gaza.

They want to starve the 2.3 million people of Gaza into submission.

They have demanded that people in the north of Gaza, estimated at 1.1 million, flee to the south.

Those Palestinian families that embarked on the trek south were slaughtered along the way by the barbaric zionists.

The Islamic resistance movement, Hamas rejected the Israeli demand and called upon the people to stay put.

Hamas said Israel wanted to create another Nakba (catastrophe) for the Palestinian people.

Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, said “we will stand and fight and die but we will not leave Gaza.”

Antony Blinken, the American secretary of state, has been doing the rounds of the region starting with Israel.

His aim is to secure the agreement of Arab regimes to take in the 2.3 million people of Gaza.

In other words, he is working to create another Nakba of the Palestinians by emptying out Gaza.

To their credit, the Arab regimes have refused to become part of this diabolical plot.

For the breast-beating Americans, there is a simpler solution.

Why not take the Israelis from Occupied Palestine and settle them on the choicest land in America?

After all, the Israelis are not native to the land. They are alien invaders from North America, Europe and Russia into Palestine.

Following this latest flare-up, it is certain most Israelis would want to leave for greener pastures.

For the pleasure-loving Israelis, any place will be better than the hell-hole that Israel has become.

Let us now consider what a ground invasion would look like.

First, Israel’s massive air superiority, indeed monopoly of the skies, would be neutralized.

It is not difficult to imagine that Hamas would have mined the border areas heavily and Israeli armour would find it difficult to navigate.

Second, Hamas fighters would emerge from their underground tunnels to take on the invading zionist army.

There is little doubt that massive casualties would be inflicted on the Israelis.

Already, there are rumblings of revolt inside Israel about how Benjamin Netanyahu failed to protect the people.

How on earth will he justify hundreds, perhaps thousands of dead Israeli soldiers brought from Gaza?

If Netanyahu and his generals are foolish enough to launch a ground invasion of Gaza, nothing but death awaits them.

This will also likely lead to another front being opened against them from the north (Lebanon) where highly trained and motivated Hizbullah fighters will inflict massive casualties on the zionists.

Hamas has caught the snake by the neck and there is no escape from its iron grip.

The only choice left for the zionists is to vacate the holy land and go back to where they came from.

Those that want to stay in Palestine are welcome to do so but only as equal citizens under the law, not as overlords in an apartheid state.

The choice is theirs.

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