Hizbullah fires 62 missiles at Israeli military base in retaliation for the assassination of Al-Arouri

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Jumada' al-Akhirah 24, 1445 2024-01-06

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by Crescent International

An early photo of Hizbullah leader, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah delivering a speech to the people in Lebanon

Hizbullah’s widely anticipated missile strike on Israel was carried out today (January 6).

The Islamic resistance group fired 62 missiles at the Meron air control base in northern Israel causing extensive damage.

There were also a large number of Israeli casualties.

In a statement issued today, Hizbullah said:

“As part of the initial response to the crime of assassinating the great leader Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri... the Islamic resistance (Hizbullah) targeted the Meron air control base with 62 missiles of various types.”

The zionist war criminals had carried out a drone strike in the Dahiyeh district of south Beirut on January 2 in which Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri, deputy head of Hamas’s Political Bureau, and six Hamas commanders and fighters were martyred.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hizbullah, had repeatedly warned Israel against targeting Hamas or Hizbullah leaders in Beirut.

This, he said was a “red line”.

If the zionists dared to cross it, there would be a heavy price to pay.

Since the zionist onslaught on Gaza following Hamas’s daring operation on October 7, there has been virtually daily firing along the Lebanon-Israel border.

In northern Israel, nine soldiers and at least four civilians have been killed, according to Israeli authorities.

Seyyed Nasrallah in a speech on January 5 said Israel’s casualties were much higher and that the zionists were concealing the true figures.

He said that Israeli casualties were “three times” higher than what the occupation regime has reported.

The Hizbullah chief made this assessment based on hospital sources in Israel.

Over the last three months, Israeli attacks have killed 180 people in Lebanon, including 134 Hizbullah fighters.

More than 20 civilians including three journalists have also been killed by the zionist war criminals, according to an AFP tally.

Air raid sirens went off in towns and cities across northern Israel and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights as Hizbullah missiles rained down on the military air base.

Illegal Israeli squatters in northern Israel scurried to their bunkers.

Thousands of them are being housed in hotels, too scared to go to their homes.

Hizbullah’s missile strikes continued late on January 6 targeting Israeli troops and positions.

Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency reported that Israeli bombardments and air strikes hit several southern towns and villages.

One of the strikes hit a house in Sidon district, approximately 25 kilometres from the border, the news agency said.

This is what the zionist war criminals do regularly: target civilians.

Such attacks constitute war crimes.

Hizbullah said five of its fighters were martyred on Saturday in the Israeli strikes.

The collective west led by the US want to avoid the war going regional.

They are terrified that the illegitimate entity will not be able to fight on multiple fronts.

To avoid the war’s expansion, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a zionist Jew, is visiting the region.

This is his fourth trip since October 7.

Th EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell also descended on Lebanon to prevent the war from spreading.

“It is imperative to avoid regional escalation in the Middle East. It is absolutely necessary to avoid Lebanon being dragged into a regional conflict,” he told a news conference in Beirut.

While the Americans and Europeans are anxious to prevent the war from spreading, they are doing everything in their power to enable the zionist war criminals to continue the genocide of innocent Palestinians in Gaza.

Since October 7, the zionists have murdered more than 22,500 civilians, nearly 70 percent of them women and children.

The zionists also want to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Gaza.

The Palestinians refuse to vacate this sliver of land.

They do not want to undergo another Nakba (catastrophe) as they did in 1948 when zionist terrorist gangs attacked Palestinian villages.

Thousands of Palestinians were mercilessly butchered and more than 750,000 ethnically cleansed from their villages and towns.

Along with Hizbullah, the Ansarallah fighters in Yemen have also come to the help of the Palestinians.

They are intercepting ships in the Red Sea carrying goods to the zionist regime.

If Arab regimes—Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, the UAE etc—were to join this effort, the zionists could be brought to their knees.

They won’t do it because they are agents of imperialism and zionism.

Once the zionist war criminals are defeated, it would be time to get rid of the illegitimate rulers in the Muslim world.

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