Why do Imaginary Iranian Nukes Terrify the West?

More so than real Korean ones…
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Kevin Barrett

Ramadan 16, 1439 2018-06-01

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by Kevin Barrett (Main Stories, Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 4, Ramadan, 1439)

As we were about to go to press, Donald Trump announced he would not be attending the summit with North Korean leader King Jong un. He also issued his customary threats.

What explains the West’s unbalanced treatment of the Iranian and North Korean nuclear issues?

Iran has no nuclear weapons. Nor is it developing any. Fatwas from the founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, and the current Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei, prohibit nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction — and Iran’s actions during its Imposed War with then-US-proxy Saddam Husayn prove that Iran is serious about its refusal of WMDs (during that war, which lasted throughout most of the 1980s, Saddam rained down tidal waves of US-supplied chemical weapons on both Iranian troops and civilians, while Iran accepted a major military disadvantage by refusing to retaliate in kind due to its principled prohibition of WMD).

North Korea, by contrast, has built several dozen nuclear weapons — and the ICBMs to deliver them. It vaunts its nuclear prowess at every opportunity, and has repeatedly threatened to obliterate Washington, DC in a nuclear fireball. US troops throughout Asia, including 35,000 in South Korea and 40,000 in Japan, are hostage to the North’s nuclear bombs. Its leader, Kim Jong Un, talks trash with Donald Trump and thumbs his nose at the US — while Iran always speaks rationally, diplomatically, and politely.

Given the above, one would think US nuclear proliferation concerns would focus on North Korea, not Iran. One would think the West would be rushing to reward Iran for its willingness to negotiate away its right to unlimited civilian nuclear power under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), merely to assuage Western concerns about the purely hypothetical possibility that it might someday be able to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Instead, the US/Israeli led West has chosen to punish Iran for its reasonableness, while rewarding North Korea for its recalcitrance. Iran’s willingness to forgo its NPT-inscribed rights and sign the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has elicited American bellicosity, culminating in Trump’s shredding of the treaty; whereas North Korea’s stubborn insistence on building more and more nuclear weapons has apparently brought the West to its knees.

What explains the double-standard? One major factor is simple but unspeakable in Western mainstream media and academia: The Zionists who dominate the West are far more worried about Iran than North Korea. If US foreign policy were guided by American interests, there would be no intractable problems between the US and Iran. Unfortunately, Zionists own Congress, the White House, and the media, as well as the key think tanks, and have infiltrated the State Department and the civilian wing of the Pentagon as well as (to a lesser extent) the military and intelligence services. Zionists also dominate the top echelons of American and global organized crime. This Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC), as sociologist James Petras calls it, views Iran as Israel’s number one enemy, and has hijacked American power for Zionism’s purposes.

A second reason for the West’s hostility to Iran is ideological. Western elites profess the religion of secular humanism, a religion whose major sect today is neoliberalism. They have dogmatic faith in the inexorable logic of secular humanist neoliberalism’s march to conquer the globe. Iran, the only country on earth that has successfully implemented an Islamic system, offers a radically different alternative — one that appeals not only to the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims, but to religious believers of other faiths as well.

At a 2017 celebration of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, in Albania, Maryam Rajavi (right), the MEK leader and president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, met international supporters including John Bolton, second from left. President Trump’s White House counsel, Rudy Giuliani, also attended the event.

Russia, once an enemy of the Muslim East, is following in the footsteps of Iran, slowly but surely, by jettisoning neoliberal secular humanism and returning to its Eastern Orthodox religious tradition. Similar Iran-inspired currents are on the rise in other nations. To a true-believing secular humanist neoliberal like John Bolton — whose divorce papers reveal that he repeatedly forced his wife to be raped by strangers at the sex club Plato’s Retreat — Iran’s role as a champion of religious morality and leader of the movement to return to religious tradition as a social organizing principle must seem deeply threatening.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed three months ago, Bolton wrote that the US “should be ending Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution before its fortieth anniversary” next February. So who is Bolton’s choice to rule Iran? The Munafiqeen-e Khalq (MEK, also known as the MKO), one of the world’s most notorious terrorist groups! Speaking to the MEK this year, Bolton said, “The opposition (to the Islamic Republic) is centered in this room today… before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran.”

Is Bolton out of his mind? Does Bolton not realize that the MEK is even more universally hated in Iran than al-Qaeda is in America? The MEK is responsible for the deaths of most of the 17,000 Iranians murdered by West-supported terrorists since the 1979 revolution. Virtually every one of Iran’s 80 million people would die fighting before they would accept a US supported MEK regime in Tehran! Plotting to put the MEK in charge of Iran is like plotting to elect Hitler as president of the World Jewish Congress. It seems that the Islamic Revolution has been blessed with uncommonly stupid enemies.

Athird reason for the West’s double standard on nuclear proliferation is its addiction to the logic of force and violence. Western leaders possess thousands of nuclear weapons themselves, and routinely use them to bully other nations. North Korea has managed to build a formidable nuclear arsenal despite US protestations not due to any reasoned arguments or negotiations, but because it can threaten to respond to any potential attack by raining down death on American servicemen. American leaders understand that sort of brutal gangster logic.

Iran, unlike North Korea, has chosen to engage the West with reason and negotiation, culminating in the JCPOA. But the thugs currently ruling the West have no use for rational dialogue. They only understand one thing: credible threats to inflict unacceptable damage.

Taken together, the three reasons for the Korea vs. Iran nuclear double standard all point in the same direction: toward the moral, intellectual, and spiritual decline of Western civilization. The fact that the West has allowed a tiny Zionist fringe movement to hijack its power centers tells us that this civilization is no longer what it was a few centuries ago when it rose to dominate the world. The fact that the West is terrified by the Iranian Islamic alternative suggests that it realizes its secular humanism is not a viable foundation for an enduring civilization. And the fact that it only understands the logic of force testifies eloquently that the West has lost its moral reason, its ‘aql (in Qur’anic terms) or intellectus (in St. Thomas Aquinas’s terminology).

In light of the decadent West’s schizoid insanity, Iran must learn from its experience, admit that the Rahbar was right when he said the West cannot be trusted, and continue to forge ahead as the torchbearer for the Islamic awakening and resistance — while taking prudent steps to deter Western aggression. By working to enhance its soft-power appeal to the Islamic world, forging alliances with other independent powers (chiefly Russia and China), and sharpening its asymmetrical military advantages vis-à-vis the West, Iran can avoid being badly bitten by the dying rabid dog that passes for Western civilization.

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