You know you live in the US when...

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Rabi' al-Awwal 15, 1434 2013-01-27

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

You know you live in the US when...

New York,

January 27, 2013, 10:10 EST

You know you live in the US when the government can indict and imprison you for up to 35 years for trying to share knowledge with those that can't afford it and push you into killing yourself (Aaron Swartz), yet bankers who stole billions from the middle class get off scot free.

You know you live in the US when an African America (James V. Taylor) who gets caught with an un-weighable amount of crack cocaine gets 35 years in prison but a white girl (Paris Hilton) who has a prior DUI conviction gets community service for .8 gm of powdered cocaine.

You know you live in the US when one in every four college age woman is raped, when women in the US military are prosecuted for trying to report their rapists, when the exploitation and sexual enslavement of children is rampant, yet Iran and women's rights in Iran are a top concern.

You know you live in the US when Israel is constantly referred to as a "democracy" even though the majority is built upon ethnic cleansing, and the Palestinians are called terrorists and are occupied, killed, imprisoned, starved, denied medical attention, blown up by bombs and tortured, even though they held transparent elections certified by multiple international organizations including the UN.

You know you live in the US when you, as a US citizen, can get on a "terrorist list" that ruins your life because someone decides they don't like you, you can be assassinated, detained and whisked away to an unknown torture facility by the US government, yet human rights in places like Russia are a top concern for the US President.

You know you live in the US when intellectual freedom, especially intellectual freedom that exudes from a platform that can educate millions is cause for assassination (Malcolm X, Martin Luther King etc.), deportation (many Imams, left-wing political activists face constant harassment for merely stating their opinions) yet the restriction of moral freedom (adultery, fornication, sodomy) in other countries by the democratic will of the majority is called unfair.

You know you live in the US when you know that this list will never end, but it doesn't matter because most Americans are forced to sell their souls by their government for a fleeting material comfort.


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