Zionist Entity: The Abnormal State

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Ayman Ahmed

Jumada' al-Akhirah 29, 1443 2022-02-01

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by Ayman Ahmed (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 12, Jumada' al-Akhirah, 1443)

Certain characteristics define a state such as a constitution, delineation of its boundaries, language and so on. Looked at through these parameters, the Zionist entity is anything but normal. Here is why.

It is the only state in the world that does not have defined borders. Its nation state law (passed on July 19, 2018) declares it a state ‘only for the Jewish people’. This clearly makes it a racist entity. No other state in the world insists on being a state only for a particular religion. This racist idea is being pursued in present-day India by Hindutva fascists but it is not the official policy of the Indian state. At least, not yet. The Zionist entity, however, proudly proclaims itself a “Jewish” state and its apologists worldwide defend this racist idea.

There are other problems with this apartheid entity. It was conceived by people residing in Europe. They had no link or attachment to Palestine where the Zionist monstrosity has been implanted. The idea propounded by Theodore Herzl at the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1897 was colonial in nature. Of Austrian-Hungarian origin, Herzl had experiences anti-Semitism in Europe and the trial of Alfred Dreyfus on treason charges that he covered as Paris correspondent of central Europe’s newspaper, Die Neue Freie Presse, added to his discomfort.

Dreyfus (1859-1935) “was a French artillery officer of Jewish ancestry whose trial and conviction in 1894 on charges of treason became one of the most controversial and polarizing political dramas in modern French history. The incident has gone down in history as the Dreyfus Affair, the reverberations from which were felt throughout Europe.”

Herzl’s solution to Europe’s ‘Jewish problem’ was a separate homeland for Jews. As a secularist with no particular regard for religion, as were the overwhelming majority of his fellow Zionists, Palestine was but one option among many. Uganda, some territory in Russia (because many Jewish people resided there), South America or even British Guiana were suggested. They ultimately settled on Palestine because of its appeal for Orthodox Jews. Even so, the Zionist movement was tiny (only 100,000 members) compared to some 15 million Jews in the world at the time.

Preceding Herzl’s Zionist Congress (1897), a meeting of Reformed Rabbis held in Pittsburgh (November 16-19, 1885) had categorically rejected a separate state for the Jewish people. The Pittsburgh conference was a follow-up to the Philadelphia Conference of 1869 and continuation of the German Conference of 1841 and 1846.

Article 5 of the Principles of Declaration states: “We recognize, in the modern era of universal culture of heart and intellect, the approaching of the realization of Israel’s great Messianic hope for the establishment of the kingdom of truth, justice, and peace among all men. We consider ourselves no longer a nation, but a religious community, and therefore expect neither a return to Palestine, nor a sacrificial worship under the sons of Aaron, nor the restoration of any of the laws concerning the Jewish state” (emphasis added).

So how was this colonial entity imposed in Palestine in 1948 when Herzl had already died in 1904? This is where British-French colonial intrigue came into play.

A number of events led to the creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine in complete disregard of the rights and wishes of the indigenous Palestinians. Britain and France were competing for control of the Middle East that was still under Ottoman rule. Two Arabian characters—Sharif Hussain of Makkah and Abd al-Aziz bin Saud of Najd—played a particularly destructive role in defeating the Ottomans. They were both offered leadership of the Arabs in return for rebelling against Ottoman authority (see also here). The offer came with huge handouts to the two Arabian bandits.

The result was not only expulsion of the Ottomans from the Middle East but division of the land into small nation states under British and French tutelage. Palestine fell to the British. The First World War was in full swing and the British needed American help. They approached the banker, Lord Walter Rothschild to assist in getting the Americans to join the war against Germany. Rothschild demanded a pledge for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. This is what British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour promised on November 2, 1917 in what came to be called the Balfour declaration.

This piece of paper contained a pledge by one people (the British) to give the land of another people (Palestinians) to a third people (European Jewry). Nothing could be more unjust and monstrous. The Arabian bandits were willing accomplices in the theft of Palestinian lands. Once Britain took control of Palestine, they went about facilitating Jewish immigration into the holy land over the protests of the indigenous population.

The final act of treachery against the Palestinian people was performed by the United Nations General Assembly. Under the UN partition plan, 56% of the land was given to the Jewish population, most brought illegally to Palestine, but still constituted less than 30% of the population. In 1912, Palestine’s Jewish population was 6% and had increased to 12% by 1937, through British-supported illegal importation of European Jewry. In 1936, the Palestinians (Muslims and Christians) staged an uprising against the mass immigration of Jews. Britain appointed the Peel Commission to investigate. It recommended in 1937 the partition of Palestine into Palestinian and Jewish territories with the holy sites placed under international supervision. The Palestinians rejected this plan, seeing it as a violation of their fundamental rights.

Europe solved its ‘Jewish problem’, as Herzl had proposed, but created a problem for the Palestinians as well as Muslims worldwide. Today, that region is one of the most unstable in the world with mass suffering and dislocation. The Zionists continue to grab more land in their inexorable drive for territory. Palestinians are confined to tiny Bantustans in their own homeland while the illegal invaders from North America, Europe and Russia live in opulent luxury, financed by US tax dollars.

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