Zionists openly backing takfiri terrorists in Iraq, Syria

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Muharram 19, 1437 2015-11-01

Editor's Desk

by Editor (Editor's Desk, Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 9, Muharram, 1437)

There is conclusive proof, if proof indeed were needed, of Zionist participation in the takfiris’ crimes against governments in Iraq and Syria. On October 22, the Iraqi security forces captured Colonel Yusi Oulen Shahak from Israel’s Golani Brigade. A number of takfiri terrorists were also captured in the same operation in Anbar province. To confirm their capture, the Iraqi forces provided the colonel’s military code: Re34356578765az231434.

Under questioning, the Zionist terrorist has provided valuable information to Iraqi security personnel. The Saudi-backed takfiri mercenaries have been equally forthcoming as they have spilled the beans about their sources of funding and weapon supplies as well as their links with other terrorist outfits.

When the takfiri terrorists erupted in Ramadi, Iraq last year, their rapid successes surprised many observers. It was known that former Ba‘thist military officers were deeply involved; Zionist involvement was believed to be limited to providing intelligence and training. We now know differently.

The Zionists have participated in the destabilization of Iraq and Syria for many years. The plot against the government of President Bashar al-Asad was hatched in Paris in February 2011. Present at that conspiratorial meeting were US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, former US ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman (both hardcore Zionists) and Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan.

Committed Muslims have known all along that the takfiri terrorists are backed by the US and Israel. We now have conclusive proof.

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