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Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Dhu al-Qa'dah 17, 1436 2015-09-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 7, Dhu al-Qa'dah, 1436)

There are three countries in the Muslim world that are on the Yahudi radar screen. The first and most obvious one is the Islamic Republic of Iran. The global Zionist “deep state” is playing good-cop, bad-cop with Islamic Iran. The “good cops” as well as the “bad cops” are divided among themselves. Europe doesn’t see things the way America does and Russia doesn’t see things the way China does when it comes to Islamic self-determination. But for now they act as if they have reached an agreement with Islamic Iran. How this will play out in the coming months and years will be interesting and instructive to watch.

The other two countries that, according to the Zionist political fellowship, do not belong in the world of modernity are Turkey and Malaysia. These two predominant Muslim countries have left “third world status,” and even though they do not have Islamic governments, in the eyes of the Zionist elites they have to be cut down to size. In other words, they have to be economically downgraded or politically divided into cantons. Muslims in Malaysia, conditions and circumstances being what they are, are advised not to fall into a position of hostility with any of their neighbors, especially China. What concerns us more at this time is Turkey.

A little clarification is in order. Turkey is a country with 99% Muslim population. In this and in the past generation, Turkey — like other predominantly Muslim countries — is witnessing an Islamic gestation. Without going into the internal dynamics of that Islamic gestation, what transpired in the course of the past 10–12 years is that there are what one may call sons of the Islamic movement who are occupying the highest offices in Turkey’s (civilian) administration and government.

These current decision makers made it to the top even though they know, and anyone familiar with Turkey knows, that the military can step in at anytime and change the rules of the game and turn democracy in Turkey upside down. There are Freemasons who are lodged deep inside the Turkish establishment. There are nationalists, secularists, and breakaway elements strewn all across the Turkish political landscape. And within all these ignitable political, ideological, and fifth-column minefields the likes of Recep Tayip Erdogan, Ahmet Davutoglu, Abdullah Gul, and others dodged the odds, gained the necessary votes, and are now at the helm of affairs.

To sum up what appears to be their rationale is their precarious and non-committed position between the secular and the Islamic on one side, and the military class and the business class on the other. This to a certain extent would explain why Erdogan went public in Egypt when Mohamed Mursi was president and told the (Ikhwani) decision makers to, more or less, adopt secularism. Of course, Mursi stuck to his principles and is now behind bars facing a death sentence. Was Mursi foolhardy not to accept Erdogan’s advice? Or is Erdogan a trickster, a closet Muslim, and a featured secularist? Erdogan and Mursi both in their own ways display the crises bedeviling the Ikhwan and the cluster of Islamic affiliations that it has — and Turkey is one of them.

The ambivalence shown by the “Islamic” Turkish officials is quickly approaching its day of accountability.

The ambivalence shown by the “Islamic” Turkish officials is quickly approaching its day of accountability. Recently, these “Islamic” and “secular” officials-in-one decided to join the military effort against ISIS along with other “jihadi” organizations that are guilty by association throughout Iraq and Syria — especially if they are located near the Turkish borders. There have been and there continue to be multiple meetings between and among foreign ministers, defense ministers, prime ministers, kings, and princes, and other high ranking civilian and military officials from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States, Russia, and Syria just to name a few. What is noticeable is that Islamic Iran is not among this crowd. Islamic Iran does not have dichotomous diplomats or pimping politicians.

The discussions center around a common objective: the obliteration of ISIS. And who is ISIS? Can it be traced to any of the well-known Islamic movements? Does it have any Islamic scholars as its authoritative references? No. So what is this thing called ISIS? It is an Iraqi Ba‘thi creature that feeds on the resentment, frustrations, discrimination, and victimhood of Muslims in Iraq and Syria. This predominantly Iraqi Ba‘thi creature that emerged with Islamic slogans and statements after a decade on the run is indirectly and clandestinely supported by regional and global powers who share a common hostility toward Islamic self- and social-determination. ISIS is in the petroleum business. It sells petroleum without sanctions. It is online and in the social media without being hacked. It obtains weapons without suffering from an embargo. It has its own currency. And now there is word that it wants to become a member of the United Nations! Its members fly from and to Europe, they cross international borders and of all places, Turkey is their access point!!

Turkey is being set up. The “deep state” inside Turkey corresponding to the “deep state” in world affairs are expanding a war that is meant to last a hundred years and kill tens of millions of Muslims. There is a grand entrapment in process. Toward that end, ISIS is a patsy for some and bait for others.

It is not too late for the Turkish people to get their act together. They should not allow themselves to be cornered into a multi-prong war: against ISIS, against the Kurds (PKK), against Syria, and against Russia! And ultimately against Islamic Iran. The way events are unfolding and if no one “hits the brakes,” Turkey will be drawn into a military confrontation with ISIS or the PKK or both simultaneously. This will force Turkey to enter into the Syrian fray. And if that happens, the sizable minority of Kurds (14 million or so) and the sizable minority of ‘Alawis (20 million or so) living within Turkey will feel that it is for survival purposes to fight against the government in Ankara and Istanbul. Once that happens (may Allah (swt) forbid) then Turkey will have relinquished its “modernity” and joined the failing states of the world!

It is not too late for the honest-to-goodness Islamic character of the Turkish people to make common cause with their neighbor Islamic Iran. Islamic Iran did away with its Safawi past – with all its negatives and “positives.” Turkey should be able to do away with its Ottoman past — with all its negatives and “positives.” It will be more difficult as the Ottomans had an undeniable history of immense sacrifices against a broad range of enemies for many centuries. But if a revival of the Ottoman past means a confrontation with Islamic Iran then the Muslims and the world do not need that confrontation. The Saudis would want that type of confrontation and the Yahudis would love it. And all the enemies of the Muslims would welcome it.

Turkey has come a long way in its economic development. It stands among the top 20 economically advancing countries in the world. Turkey has opened its doors for a variety of exiled Muslims who fled terror and persecution in their homelands. Turkey makes a Muslim feel at home in the masjids of Istanbul, the takiyahs of Konia, and the general hospitality of the Turkish people. There are sinister powers that are plotting to throw Turkey into chaos.

Can some of our Turkish brothers explain to us why there still is an Israeli diplomatic mission in Turkey? Can some of our Turkish brothers explain to us why at least one Turkish air base is used for bombing raids in Muslim countries?

Can some of our Turkish brothers explain to us how pro-Ottoman “Islamic” politicians reconcile themselves with Saudi Wahhabi Arabia whose Wahhabis were at war with Ottoman Turkey a couple of hundred years ago? While these same pro-Ottoman “Islamic” politicians cannot close ranks with an Islamic Iran that has distanced itself from its Safawi past? Can some of our Turkish brothers explain to us the rationale that has brought the Sufi Islamic tradition of Turkey into cahoots with anti-Sufi Wahhabi-takfiri Saudi Arabia? Can someone in Turkey explain to us why there is a widening gap between the Sufi love for the Prophet (pbuh) and his family and the Shi‘i love for the Prophet (pbuh) and his family?

Can someone explain to us why our “Islamic” Turkish brothers are mum when it comes to the substantial Israeli intelligence and paramilitary presence among the Kurds? And among the Azeris?

And finally, yes… there is a difference of assessment between Tehran and Ankara when it comes to Syria. But this need not play out in a military way. Differences are to be expected and they are dealt with through proper channels. And the military is definitely not one of them,

Of a certainty, committed Muslims are brothers; so have them come to terms with each other [if there is a deviation among them] (49:10).

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