As US economy sinks into debt and oblivion, the Zionists continue to push for more wars

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Ramadan 01, 1432 2011-08-01


by Crescent International (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 40, No. 6, Ramadan, 1432)

There is heated debate in Washington about what to do with the runaway debt crisis. And this time it is real. Both halves of the American body politic — the Republicans and the Democrats — have finally been stung by the uncontrollable debt that is officially acknowledged to be around $14.4 trillion.

There is heated debate in Washington about what to do with the runaway debt crisis. And this time it is real. Both halves of the American body politic — the Republicans and the Democrats — have finally been stung by the uncontrollable debt that is officially acknowledged to be around $14.4 trillion. Congressmen and senators are exchanging heated words and lobbing discourteous statements at each other because they are at an impasse as to whether they should raise the debt ceiling or begin to deal with issues of default and bankruptcy. Whichever way they decide to go it will hurt. It is like the Arabian proverb: a man has swallowed a knife and it is stuck halfway down his digestive tract: if the decision is to pull it back up it is going to do considerable damage and if the decision is to have it continue its course it is going to do considerable damage. Cheers to a US economy that cannot burp and cannot break wind!

In the middle of all this, a committed Muslim cannot help but link the unspeakable together. No one is saying it; but we should know better. The American economy is going belly-up because of the Israeli toxins that have been circulating in the American body politic for decades now. Were it not for the Israeli obsession with national security, the US would not be in Iraq or Afghanistan. It was the pro-Israeli neo-conservatives who cheered the US into the killing fields of Iraq and the murderous terrain of Afghanistan. And according to one of them (Ken Adelman) it was supposed to be a cakewalk. Not surprisingly he and his prototypes have been running away from the cameras in the past five or six years, ever since it sank into their opaque conscience that the Iraq-Afghanistan wars have turned into a fiasco out of which there is no laudable exit.

... a man has swallowed a knife and it is stuck halfway down his digestive tract

And for the sake of the chosen politicians and people of Israel, the US is blindly swinging its military might in Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and potentially in other Arabian countries that show signs of a political will capable of standing up to uncle Sam in Washington and Aunt Sarah in Tel Aviv. The US is teaming up with NATO — at a new and advanced level — but the way things are going it looks like the US has what it takes to bring the NATO house down. Funny how empires behave! The US is going bust internally but externally it is firing off its military in every direction. And the bottom line rationale is: “Maybe the US wouldn’t go down if it ever were to abandon its dear ally and friend Israel.”

Economically, the US stands at a moment in history when it is set to become the new leader of the third world; but militarily it stubbornly clings to its first world status. The muscles of a Mr. Universe with the pockets of a pauper! The US is not Greece yet but if it continues down this blind path of fighting Israel’s wars it certainly will get there soon. The combined US-NATO war effort in Libya is quickly draining the weapons depots of the European allies, forcing Washington to replenish their arsenals. With the US cash flow to Israel unchecked and with the US responsible for 75% of Europe’s defense burden it is no wonder that the American economy is where it is today. Britain and France, the two military giants of Europe are borrowing munitions from the US in their war to grab the Libyan oil fields.

We do not know whether outgoing Secretary of State Robert Gates was speaking political-ese or was speaking his conscience when he came out and said: “the reality is changing… choices [in the US] are going to be made more on what is in the best interests of the United States.” Brave words from a cowardly Washington that has never been able to distinguish its American interests from those of Israel and Britain.

The statistics are beginning to come in. Americans live shorter lives than people from other rich, developed countries. Europe may be a threat to the US economy. China holds bonds that if handled undiplomatically could severely damage the US economy. Because of these economically life-threatening problems, congressmen in Washington are coming down hard on Barack Obama, saying that his war in Libya is in violation of the War Powers Act.

Finally, the worn out Republicans and Democrats are beginning to say what used to defy expression: America should not fight other countries’ wars or pay other countries’ bills. Could these politicians be consistent and apply this golden rule to Israel?

The US now is in its longest war in history. For what reason does an American farmer’s son from Iowa, or an American businessman’s nephew from Denver, or an American academic’s daughter from Boston, or an American laborer’s grandson from Detroit, go to Muslim lands and kill phantom enemies? If you follow the dollar and put the pieces of the American jigsaw puzzle together you will find that all of this is done for the chosen Zionist crowd in both Washington and Tel Aviv.

All this brings us to the Israeli politics of paranoia. The fear that haunts Israeli politicians becomes the policies that drive American officials. Take the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen. This soon-to-retire Admiral may have delayed military warfare against Islamic Iran but in the process he raised US-Israeli military coordination and cooperation to zenith levels.

And what is at the center of Israeli delusion of annihilation and expulsion? It is the Islamic political willpower. The ruling elites see Islamic Iran as a mortal threat. And a mortal threat it is to their racist and expansionist establishment. This month (August) marks the fifth anniversary of Hizbullah’s heroic resistance against the Israeli military’s all-out assault to defeat the resistance movement. As the Islamic peoples laud this occasion the Zionists express criticism of it. The fact that the Israeli military, the “fifth most potent military in the world” could not decisively win that war meant that it was defeated. And the fact that Hizbullah, the world’s most experienced irregular fighting force, did not lose that war meant that it was victorious.

The fear that haunts Israeli politicians becomes the policies that drive American officials.

The reversals and setbacks suffered by the civil and military heads of the Israeli Zionist tribal state have been causing decision makers in Israel to unleash Americans against Israel’s perceived enemies. Thus far, these Israeli bureaucrats have been swinging from one statement to the next. One day they say Iran is an imminent nuclear threat, the next they say Iran still needs several years before it becomes a nuclear threat. These half-crazed Zionists are demonstrating their yo-yo character as they sway from one statement to another.

With their hands on the trigger, they are watching very carefully what is unfolding in Lebanon. They are nervous that the anti-Israeli resistance in Lebanon is taking control of Lebanese government positions that are crucial to any military conflict with the Zionist entity. They know that Syria is providing Hizbullah with missiles that have a range of about seven hundred kilometers. They also know that all of Israel is now within the reach of 70,000 missiles ready to go off whenever the Israelis inanely decide to launch any war of aggression against Lebanon. And they know that these missiles arrive in Lebanon via Syria. This may explain to a certain extent the involvement of Israeli and American agents and clients in Syrian internal affairs.

The more the Islamic Movement asserts itself politically, the more the Israelis are going to simultaneously cajole and blackmail the American political establishment. And the more these two poles assert themselves, the more the munafiqs are exposed; watch out Saudi Arabia.

And if the Israelis and the Americans are so in love with each other to the tune of going bankrupt why don’t the Israelis move to New York, and why doesn’t the US offer them an independent nation-state of their own — in New York or in New Jersey where there are more Israel-firsters than in the Holy Land? Then we shall see how Euro-America adjusts itself to racist politics and how the Islamic hemisphere will recuperate from Israeli racist politics. Is that asking too much of a friend? Besides, what are friends for? Or will AIPAC and Israel continue to bleed American society and kill the American military until the last Muslim?

They [the anti-Muslims] would love to see you [the committed Muslims] oblivious of your weapons [usage] so as to come down on you in one full swoop… (60:2).

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