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Abu Dharr

Rabi' al-Thani 16, 1431 2010-04-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 39, No. 2, Rabi' al-Thani, 1431)

As if a meteorological blizzard was not enough during this past winter, Washington is now afflicted by a psychological blizzard. The media mouthpieces are blowing hot and cold — declaiming wildly what an observer would call an arctic chill that is descending upon the political tundra between the Knesset and the White House. Readers of Crescent International who have been following the Zionist script through their understanding of world developments know better than to slip into emotional shelters when manufactured squalls and twisters erupt in Tel Aviv and Washington. Need we remind those who are vulnerable to mainstream media sensationalism that the regime in Washington and its Dr. Loveless opposite number in Tel Aviv consider Islamic Iran to be the most dangerous government in the world? Due to the forward character and onward pace of Islamic Iran’s duly elected President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — a trait that reminds us of the late Imam Khomeini — the USraeli ruling class may be playing its next-to-last grand scheme of deception by harping on a political castigation of “Iranian nuclear and missile programs.”

Much has been said and intimated about “I’m a Zionist” Biden who was received in his political homeland by his Zionist bosses. They used the opportunity during his official visit (March 10th) to declare that there will be 1,600 new homes constructed in (Islamic) Jerusalem — contrary to all the efforts that have gone into winning over the Palestinian Authority to the American sponsored confidence building measures. The Israeli Zionists flipped the diplomatic bird on their American Zionist Biden, thereby causing ladylike Hillary to pick up the phone and have an extended 45 minute exchange of undiplomatic words with manlyNetanyahu… (Naughty Hillary! This may not be good for your family, as Chelsea, remember, is engaged to the “tribe”). The twin-city drama starring Biden, Hillary, Netanyahu, and loose-canon Lieberman (the Israeli Foreign Minister, not the American senator) among others began flashing to the world audience such theater as, “Netanyahu bows to US demand for Jerusalem building freeze,” “US will raise the heat until Israel toes the line on Iran,” and “US ponders denying Israel arms needed for conflict with Iran.” What a show! All of this is show business. Hollywood has come to Washington. Should anyone be surprised?Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s waswaas, who compensates for the lack of a middle finger with an overflow of foul language, has a college degree in dancing or a related field of “rhythmical steps.” You must give it to him: he is putting on a good show. Shallow politicians from Arabia to America are entertained; they, as always, will release their imagination and restrict their mind. The Obama-Emanuel series will have its ups and downs; it will also have its intermissions. And the popcorn politicians will follow each episode with their power of imagination and their impotence of mind.

Meanwhile, far away from this Washingtonian movie house, the facts on the ground are roaring with details. In the real world, the Yahudi-led Obama administration is busy putting together a US-led coalition whose purpose it is to clamp even more severe sanctions on Islamic Iran, beginning with some UN Security Council resolutions and ending with who knows what military action they have on their drawing boards. Statements such as “We are going to put as tight a squeeze on Iran as we possibly can” have been made. They just do not fit the Hollywood script that is being played up by the political actors in the Washington amphitheater. You would have to put on binoculars to catch such statements as, “The [US-led] resolution will target the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] and its vast network of companies, which the United States estimates may include up to one-third of Iran’s total economy.” The full picture is coming into focus: as the US plays up its artificial disagreement with Zionist Israel it escalates its genuine hostility against Islamic Iran.

Another piece of information missing from the mainstream Zionist sponsored media is the fact that in late February a high-level Israeli group visited China, according to a solitary news item in the Financial Times. This Israeli mission to China included Stanley Fischer, governor of Israel’s central bank. You know something is brewing when an all important economist like Mr. Fischer goes to China and explains to the Chinese the US-led planned sanctions regime against the Islamic Republic in Iran.

According to some news reports, China imports nearly 540,000 barrels of oil a day from the Islamic Republic. Enter the American-Israeli Saudi subordinates and Emirati underlings. These Zionist loyalists cloaked in Islamic rituals will have no choice but to obey the imperialist master in doing war against Islamic self-determination and Islamic Iran. It is precisely because the confrontation mode and level of Tel Aviv and Washington against Tehran is rising that it needs a Biden-Hillary and even Obama sideshow.

For those who are watching the movie “The Crisis in Israel’s Relationship with the US” get ready for a rude awakening. The smell of gunpowder in Palestine cannot be compared to the buttery flavor of your parlor kernels that explode when exposed to dry heat. The US Treasury said in mid-March it imposed sanctions against two firms in Ghazzah — the Islamic National Bank and al-Aqsa Television — because it claimed they have ties to Hamas. US President Barack Hussein Obama owes his presidency to his Yahudi employers’ keen awareness of the up-and-coming Islamic continental consolidation of political will — their damage control to the jungle of Bush’s policies. This white Obama with a racial tan also said in mid-March that there was no crisis in ties with Israel, despite a high-profile diplomatic feud over Netanyahu’s plans to build 1,600 homes in Islamic East Jerusalem (al-Quds). In his words, “Israel is one of our closest allies, and we and the Israeli people have a special bond that’s not going to go away.” The same week, Obama the Yahudi employee said that the US would pursue “aggressive sanctions” to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon that could potentially spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East! “That’s why we’re going to go after aggressive sanctions. We haven’t taken any options off the table. We are going to keep on pushing…,” he said.

Also in the first week of March, US Centcom Commander General David Patraeus when asked about how the Persian Gulf states in the Arabian Peninsula see a US military attack on (Islamic) Iran said, “…there are countries who would like to see a strike, us or perhaps Israel, even…” Some reports say that the United Arab Emirates foreign minister, after the assassination of Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, remarked that his country and Israel see eye to eye on the Iranian issue.

The Saudi officials are as jittery about Islamic self-determination in Iran as are the Israelis. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have journeyed on their political pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, meeting with the king, the defense minister, and other strained and impatient officials.

In the real world the Israelis are hurting. The waves of ‘Aliyah — the tens of thousands of “Jews” who were moving to the “Promised Land” from hither-and-yon — are now history. The demographics of the Holy Land area are quickly shifting. Islamic self-determination is on its way in; secular and ungodly political trends are on their way out. The US can no longer afford to foot the Israeli bill free of charge as was the case in the past half century. Even Israel’s first line of defense, the Palestinian authority, is crumbling like a house of cards. Some late news just coming in is that the Fatah faction in Lebanon — a few thousand strong, located mainly in the south around ‘Ain al-Helwah, a group that has long been on the side of the Palestinian authority of Mahmud ‘Abbas — has gone over to Hizbullah.

With Mubarak attempting to recover from surgery in Germany, official Egypt is in a monkey’s swing. Who knows what the next grab for power will be? The octogenarian rulers of Arabia are dying off along with their credibility. The Jordanian tribal regime is taking away Jordanian citizenship from Palestinians it deems to be “security threats.” Israel in these circumstances is in mortal danger, as it should be. It knows this better than anyone else. Will it buy itself more time for survival by going to war and delaying the Islamic death blow to Zionism? Can it avoid what appears to be an “anti-Semitic” backlash in the US where treasury and troops have been stretched to the breaking point all the way to Afghanistan and Pakistan to protect Israeli interests?

Stay tuned, as AIPAC just convened in Washing-ton, DC assembling as it has in the recent past the confluence of religious bigotry (evangelicals), corporate priorities (capitalists), and political opportunists (imperialists and Zionists). And be advised that while you have the freedom to tune into their theatrics, you should not lose sight of their vista killing fields: the Holy Lands. They put on three-piece suits in Washington, after disrobing from their military gear in Tel Aviv. Will the real American please stand up!

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