Beating the drums of war

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Rabi' al-Thani 16, 1431 2010-04-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 39, No. 2, Rabi' al-Thani, 1431)

The Obama Yahudi administration is clandestinely working with its political blood-brothers, the Saudi custodians of imperialist and Zionist interests in the Islamic East. It is accelerating arms sales and quickly fortifying defenses for oil fields, oil wells, and oil terminals throughout the land of “hijrah and jihad,” as well as pursuing other vital interests. These hectic preparations are part of an effort to prepare the regimes there for the Israeli-American military plan-of-action against Islamic Iran, Islamic Hizbullah, and Islamic Hamas.

No one really knows the number of pro-Israeli and anti-Islamic forces stationed by the US in and around Arabia. An educated guess would be 100,000, and that is only an estimate based on information that was in the public domain before 9/11. Whatever the real numbers, current US policies are to triple their number of military personnel in that area. The American-Saudi alliance includes unprecedented coordination of air defenses and expanded joint exercises between US and Arabian militaries. These are the birthmarks of the evil Israeli military attack on the Islamic State and the Islamic resistance.

Obama, the Yahudi hired president, is following through on Bush’s neocon policies to sell warplanes and antimissile systems to the Saudi custodians of the two haraams: imperialism and Zionism. In the past two years Saudi- and Emirati-America have spent more than $25 billion to purchase weapons made in the US — not to liberate Palestine, but to un-liberate and subvert Islamic Iran!

The more the Israelis play up a “scare scenario” of military or tactical nuclear strikes against Islamic Iran, the more the Arabian officials go running to Washington for arms and protection!

The cozy relationship between Saudi Arabia, which champions itself as the protector of the Islamic faith, and the US, which has a gory record of slaughtering populations belonging to the Islamic faith, has resulted in establishing a “facilities protection force” under the paperwork supervision of the Saudi Interior Ministry. But we know who is running the show. This is meant to harden defenses for the oil facilities, ports, and water desalination plants. Washington, yes, the same Washington that is killing Muslims anywhere there is an expression of Islamic self-determination, is providing access and technological equipment to protect Muslims who toe the imperialist line in Arabia. Some reports say that Abu Dhabi has topped the list of foreign customers for buying US arms — $17 billion.

All of this American-Israeli-Arabian common purpose is out in the daylight. And not a peep do we hear from the scholars of Islam who toe the official line. Tantawi, the late Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar, who passed on a couple of months ago, was lightning quick to legitimize his government’s construction of an iron barrier, sinking about 30 meters into the ground, on the Egyptian-Ghazzah borders — thus violating all Islamic values of neighborliness and brotherhood. But he did not utter a word about liberating al-Masjid al-Aqsa, which is mentioned in the Guiding Qur’an, despite the fact that Tantawi himself has a doctorate degree in the tafsir of the Quran!

The same attitude dwells in the religious figures toeing the Saudi line. Not long ago these “‘ulama” were motioned by their government to ban all financial contributions to what they call and define as terrorism. But never were they heard to implore the contribution of money to the resistance in Palestine. Are Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations, we ask these Saudi employees who occupy religious offices? Why don’t we hear from their eminences about what the Qur’an and the Prophet (r) have to say about the liberation of al-Quds? What do their Islamic brains tell them about one million Muslims who have been killed in Iraq and tens of thousands in Afghanistan? What do they think about the hundreds of billions of riyals that are being spent on buying weapons from Israel’s father, stepfather, and Godfather — the USA?

Why don’t they have enough courage to stand up to the kings and their ruling families and tell them that Muslims are capable of building their own weapons industry? All we hear is their findings and discoveries pertaining to male or female private parts and external sex organs! They drive us crazy speaking about entering and exiting the masjid with the right and left foot; but they do not speak about the fact that the masjid and the whole country the masjid is in have been trampled by millions of military feet, left and right!

Compare the above sorry state of affairs with the conscience-speaking ‘ulama in Islamic Iran. They are going ahead with building their own military industry. They are not spending hundreds of billions of dollars or euros buying it from the enemy. Islamic Iran, if Muslims had the courage to say it, is where things are happening. Saudi Arabia gives Israel wet dreams; Islamic Iran gives Israel bloody nightmares. Some silly individuals say that Hizbullah is an “Iranian agent” in Lebanon. Well, if Hizbullah is their definition of an agent, then we need more agents in Lebanon and elsewhere, agents that have all their guns and all their potential aimed at the Zionist enemy. Besides, those who are whining about Hizbullah being “Shi‘a” should step up to the plate and have their “Sunni” Islamic force in Lebanon, along with all its guns and potential aimed at the Zionist enemy.

Some Islamic types in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, etc… are shooting marbles. What is needed is for them to shoot missiles. Because of Zionism, the Holy Land and its surroundings have become a military garrison. Zionist Israel speaks about a nuclear strike against Islamic Iran; the American administration gives it all the cover necessary for its acts of aggression and expansion. We who are liberated from the Saudi-Wahhabi opium of the jama‘ah are going to have to think outside the box. Besides the surface-to-surface missiles pointed at Dimona, and the tens of thousands of rockets aimed at selected targets in the Zionist nation-state, we are going to have to make it clear that a very sophisticated first-launch or “preemptive” Israeli nuclear attack on areas of Islamic self-determination will be reciprocated in kind. Every passport carrying Israeli Zionist citizen, who spends a part of the year in a uniform and another part in a suit, and his matching sponsors, wherever they tread in Islamic territories ought to experience the looming danger of death.

We say here, in all candor before fanatic right-wing Zionist zealots set in motion a catastrophic war, the Muslims who have accommodated Jews when they were persecuted in their tortured history, are willing to live side-by-side with a sense of dignity and equality for all. The problem between the Muslims of the world and Jews of the world — as well as the Christians of the world — is Zionism. This racist and militarist ideology is turning Israel into an eccentric and outcast nation-state. The world is waking up to the agonies and injustices caused by Zionist Israel’s settlement expansions and occupation policies. The right-wing fanatics in Tel Aviv when faced with reason, logic, and reproach become reactionary and begin thinking in terms of a “war solution.”

This is first very dangerous for the Jews, who have been fooled by Zionism, before it is dangerous for anyone else. In some financial quarters of the world, divestment toward Israel is being considered, notably in Britain. The expulsion of Mossad’s chief at the Israeli embassy in London speaks of an anti-Israeli pulse — as faint as it may be at this time. There are some European countries whose laws permit the prosecution of war criminals; they are waiting for Israeli officials, who are responsible for civilian deaths in Ghazzah, to land in their countries. The British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, a Yahudi who has family ties to Israel, can only hold back the official wrath for so long; then there will come a time when the crimes of the past will catch up and Israel will stand exposed even to its ardent supporters.

In Western history there is Masada, in Islamic history Khaybar. In Jewish history we have a combination of both, which amounts to a noxious and lethal Zionist psychology that cannot convince itself that it is possible to live in peace with the “other”. This same Zionist psychology will die by its preference for war rather than live by its preference for peace.

They destroy their domiciles with their hands and the hands of the committed Muslims; take notice [and learn] O you of acumen (Surah Bani al-Nadir (also called al-Hashr):2).

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