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Jumada' al-Ula' 18, 1436 2015-03-09

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by Crescent International

There are strong indications that Hamas-Iran relations have gone back to their old warmth. These had been marred by Hamas' negative attitude over the crisis in Syria. Now that it has become apparent that the conspiracy to overthrow Bashar al Asad's government has failed, Hamas has sobered up. This is a positive development.

Beirut, Crescent-online
Monday February 09, 2015, 18:43 EST

Developments in Syria have forced a re-think in the attitude of the Palestinian resistance group Hamas whose relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran have warmed up considerably in recent weeks and months.

These had been adversely affected by the crisis in Syria. Hamas moved its offices out of Damascus and sided with opponents of President Bashar al Asad. Hamas Political Bureau Chief Khaled Meshaal relocated to Doha, Qatar.

That was not the problematic part although it appeared to show considerable lack of political maturity on behalf of Hamas leadership because the Asad government, for all its faults, had never been hostile to the Palestinian cause.

Hamas also damaged its relations with Islamic Iran that has always been a staunch supporter of the Palestinians. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement did not allow its relations with Islamic Iran to be affected by developments in Syria.

It seems there is a rethink in the Hamas leadership. While there is talk of Khaled Meshaal planning to visit Tehran, this has not materialized so far.

The Beirut-based al Akhbar newspaper reported on February 7 that there have been detailed meetings between officials from Hamas, Hizbullah and Iran and that relations are back on track.

Al Akhbar has its pulse on developments in the region and its sources are impeccable.

Islamic Iran has always shown great maturity in its dealings with the Palestinian resistance movement and has not allowed misunderstandings over Syria to mar relations.

It seems Hamas officials have realized that their reading of the situation in Syria was not only faulty but that their reliance on pro-West Arabian regimes was a major mistake.

Regimes like those in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc, are not going to help the Palestinian cause. They are more interested in scoring political points but ultimately they will ditch the Palestinians.

How Hamas leadership made this blunder is difficult to fathom but if it has realized its mistake, this is a positive sign.

Relations between Iran and Hamas should not hinge on whether Meshaal visits Tehran or not. Islamic Iran is a state and Hamas is a movement operating under very difficult circumstances.

The Palestinian cause with Al Quds at its heart is far too important an issue to become hostage to the weaknesses an individual’s misjudgement.

Islamic Iran deserves credit for keeping an eye on the future of Palestine and the Palestinian people. Its help to the long-suffering Palestinian people is admirable.

The leadership of Hamas should learn from their mistakes and move on. It should not allow itself to be swayed by emotional outbursts like those of the so-called Syrian opposition groups that are working at the behest of the west.

They have now been supplanted by the takfiri terrorists who have given horrific crimes to the world. They are not only abusing the name of Islam, they have nothing to do with it at all.

Hamas should distance itself from such monsters and do so openly and concentrate on the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

They will find in Islamic Iran a sincere dependable ally.


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